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Give Up Your Dreams music video

Bret McKenzie, who is a half of the fourth most popular folk-diggy-bongo-comedy parody duo Flight of the Conchords, a Grammy Award winner, an Academy Award winner and an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM), stars in the music video for Give Up Your Dreams. You see what I did there?

It was written and directed by Loren Taylor and The Guardian premiered it.

The video – a homage to the work of Soviet film-maker Andrei Tarkovsky – shows the actor digging himself a deep hole, jumping into said hole and awaking in a different state, as if liberated by the freedom of coming to terms with the loss of his creative drive.

“I like the ambiguity of watching someone dig a very deep hole. Is he burying something (his dreams)? Or is he digging a grave? Or is he digging a tunnel to somewhere? I think there is something compelling about watching him get incrementally more exhausted as he gets deeper and deeper into the earth,” says the video’s director, Loren Taylor.

“At the point of utter fatigue and despair he cracks open and falls into the infinite/space/void/a portal to another realm – and wakes reborn where he started, but with a new perspective. It’s a long song, and it felt like it needed an action that slowly evolved over the minutes, and digging has a lovely percussive rhythm to cut with – or against.”

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#GUYD NZ Tour announced

The Phoenix Foundation ‘Give Up Your Dreams’ NZ Tour

  • Friday September 18th: San Fran Bath House, Wellington
  • Saturday September 19th: Cabana, Napier
  • Thursday September 24th: Allen St Rock Bar, Christchurch
  • Friday September 25th :Sammy’s, Dunedin
  • Saturday September 26th: The Sherwood, Queenstown
  • Thursday October 1st: The Mayfair, New Plymouth
  • Friday October 2nd: The Powerstation, Auckland
  • Saturday October 3rd: Mauao Performing Arts Centre, Tauranga

Tickets via Under The Radar

Read press release

give up your dreams

Give Up Your Dreams – Neil Finn remix

“I was delighted to be asked to remix this track for The Phoenix Foundation who I love. I have never done one before and enjoyed being able to take apart and reassemble someone else’s music, it’s like landscaping your neighbours garden while they’re away on holiday.”
– Neil Finn

give up your dreams, video

Mountain music video

The first video from The Phoenix Foundations 6th studio album Give Up Your Dreams, due for release on 7th Aug 2015.

Video Directed by Sam Kristofski (
Produced by Daniel Higgins / Curious Films (
Made with help from NZ On Air Music

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Bunnies On Ponies – Nothing (music video)

“Nothing” from the Bunnies On Ponies LP “Heat Death Of The Universe” is an explosive splosh of tramadol rock. Our protagonist is locked in a back pain relief haze where he can do is watch Anthony Bourdain repeats and contemplate his own existence. Perfectly captured in animated form by Creature.

Concept & Direction: Creature
Animators: Creature & Joren Van Suylekom

The video premiered on

give up your dreams

Pre-Order Give Up Your Dreams


credit: Will Moore

‘Mountain’ is the first single from The Phoenix Foundation’s sixth album, Give Up Your Dreams which will be released on 7th August 2015.

Get an instant download of ‘Mountain’ when you pre-order the album at iTunes, or on gold vinyl, or CD from TPF’s Bandcamp.

Bob Lennon John Dylan
Playing Dead
Celestial Bodies
Silent Orb
Give Up Your Dreams

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The Black Caps tribute anthem

The Phoenix Foundation had never made a sport song, up until now. Two days before Cricket World Cup 2015 finals, when New Zealand would play against Australia, the band was getting ready for the flight to Auckland to play at the Titirangi Festival. And this is what happened,

run rate story

The song was picked up immediately by cricket fans and Black Caps supporters on Twitter, hit the news in NZ Herald, was the leading story on and before the final game started, it got 30,000 hits.

Ladies and gentleman, here is Big Mac (Run Rate),

A tribute to our national cricketing heroes made in the hours between our cancelled and new flight. Thank you (and %^&$ you) budget airline.

Featuring Lucien Johnson on the sexamaphone.

Artwork by Laura Myers

Written, performed, produced, mixed and mastered by The Phoenix Foundation between 10.30am and 2.30pm March 27th 2015


Record Store Day 2015 Special Release

The Phoenix Foundation has prepared a special 7″ vinyl for Record Store Day 2015, which is on April 18.

The Phoenix Foundation/Eyelids
A Can of Moles

Format: 7″ Vinyl
Label: Jealous Butcher Records
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release

Split 7″ between The Phoenix Foundation and Eyelids, covering Can and Moles tracks respectively.


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Bunnies On Ponies – Baked (music video)

Bunnies On Ponies have cooked up a new video for ‘Baked’ with LA-based director Luke Savage. The mesmerising clip has been billed as an abstracted performance video, where frontman Samuel Flynn Scott was filmed lip-synching and then the footage was “layered and manipulated to the point where the subject of the video is movement and light. The streets of LA at night, car parks in Kilbirnie and the interior of Samuel’s mouth collide in a wasted fantasy of concrete and flesh”. The track comes from the group’s full-length album Heat Death Of The Universe, which came out last year. Get baked and watch the clip below…

Under The Radar premiere

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Wild Bill Ricketts’ Later At Whitby’s out now


Wild Bill Rickett’s latest opus’ “Later At Whitby’s” title is a nod to the hotel where Toby Laing sketched out some of the initial ideas for the album whilst on tour with Fat Freddy’s Drop.

An eclectic mix of songs otherworldly, contemporary, psychedelic jazz pop, kraut rock and other bits and bobs, “Later At Whitby’s” explores the potential for creating new genres in music.

The album was constructed all over NZ: Anawhata at Jon Baxters place (perceptual engineering), many sessions with Puck Murphy doing file transfers from Protools into Ableton and back again, a session in Neil Finns personal Studio C at Roundhead, Bay Rd Freddy’s studio, The Phoenix Foundation’s studio in Wellington, etc. A two week session with Connan Mockasin in Anawhata was key, where the duo also worked on his internationally acclaimed album Caramel

With drumming from Julien Dyne, Elroy Finn and Riki Gooch, the album was written in most part by Toby Laing with Wild Bill reworking sketches initially done by Toby on tour, it features guitar by Conrad Wedde and Craig Terris and bass by Tom Callwood and Rio Hemopo. The album’s closer, “Don Decaprio” has vocals and lyrics by Connan Mockasin as his character of a 6 year old obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Will Ricketts’ new album Later at Whitby’s is now available digitally. You can purchase it on iTunes or Amplifier now.


Two Australia shows announced

…and a promise they will be back later this year,

Dear Australia,

We owe you an apology: it’s been ages, and we’re really, really sorry. When we were last with you, we promised we’d return, never thinking it would take us this long to haul our aging bearded selves across the Tasman. Note that we say ‘this long’ – cos it won’t be any longer. We have finally made some small steps to rectify the error in our ways by hosting two shows in Sydney and Melbourne in mid April.
We assure this will be the first visit of many as we will be back with a new album later in the year.

Since we last visited we have released some wonderful albums such as Happy Ending, Buffalo, Fandango and last years Tom’s Lunch EP.
We do hope you will join us to listen to many of the songs from these albums and some brand new ones too. If there’s a track you really want to hear, please tweet us (@phoenixfound) and we’ll do our best to add it to our set list. It’s the least we can do, under the circumstances.

Nga mihi nui ki a koutou – see you soon,
Luke, Sam, Con, Will, Chris and Tom (The Phoenix Foundation).

THE PHOENIX FOUNDATION (we’re sorry Australia) SHOWS:



sorry oz

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Far-Fetch with Sam Scott: Country Dance Music

A game of fetch where Sam Scott (The Phoenix Foundation, Bunnies on Ponies) is given an obscure genre and a week to return with relevant musical examples and stirring stories. This week, he delves into America’s new rave heartland with Country Dance Music.

Originally aired on Radio NZ National Music, Saturday 17 January 2015

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Wild Bill Ricketts – Later at Whitby’s – Teaser

Will Ricketts’ third solo album will be released on Wonderful Noise Japan,
28 January 2015.

Can’t wait!

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Live at Moon, Wellington

The Phoenix Foundation wrapped up a busy year with two packed-out shows at Wellington venue Moon over the weekend. The sizeable group squeezed on to the stage and worked through a bevy of songs to warm the Christmas cockles of the audience, including tracks from their most recent release, Tom’s Lunch EP, which came out earlier this year. Supporting the group was “rough-pop and gypsy-rock man” Fraser Ross, who has also had a full 2014, back in August the Christchurch-born musician released 12-track album Mongrels from his current home in Glasgow. Photographer Dan Robinson went along to Moon to watch the performances and captured the lovely shots below…

timthumb14.php timthumb11.php

More photos on Under The Radar.

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Manyana, debut album by The Woods available now

The Woods, a band created by Tom Callwood and his brother Joe with Blair Latham and Rick Cranson has released their debut album, Manyana. It consists of five tracks of ‘some groovy tunes influenced by Jazz, Peruvian music, Blues, Ethiopian Music etc etc…’

Blair Latham – Tenor Saxophone / Bass Clarinet
Joe Callwood – Guitar
Tom Callwood – Bass
Rick Cranson – Drums

released 12 November 2014

Recorded by Joe Callwood at the Car Club, Wellington, NZ
on 29th & 30th April 2014

Mixed by Joe and Tom Callwood in Te Horo, Kapiti, NZ

Artwork ‘The Magic Ocean Tree layered Tree Lasagne’ by Guy Capper

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Heat Death of the Universe by Bunnies On Ponies out now!

Samuel F. Scott – vocals, guitars, synthetic keyboards, clarinet
Tom Callwood – bass guitar, backing vocals
Craig Terris – backing vocals, drums, percussive instruments

Recorded and Mixed by Lee Prebble at The Surgery
Mastered by Brett Stanton
Produced by Samuel F. Scott

Design by Anna Taylor
Cover photo thanks to Jeff Lonto

Band Photos by Will Moore

Music by B.O.P – Words by S.F.S
Additional lyrics on Presence At The Mall by Ralph Scott
© Bunnies On Ponies 2014 under exclusive license to Flying Out
(p) Bunnies On Ponies, Native Tongue, Mushroom

Buy it also from iTunes (NZ) or Order LP, CD or Digital from Flying Out.

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Face-to-Face with Anika Moa


Sam Scott of The Phoenix Foundation has some bleak advice for aspiring musicians: Give up your dreams.

“Give up your dreams of being famous,” he tells Anika Moa as he stops by to discuss the band’s sixth album, Give Up Your Dreams.

Scott, who claims he is the Lennon in his songwriting partnership with Luke Buda, admits he still does want to be famous – but only so he can keep making music.

He also claims to be “cooler than Dave Grohl” but is quickly shot down by Moa, who rightfully says: “Ain’t no one can be cooler than that MoFo.”

• The Phoenix Foundation will be touring New Zealand from September 18, starting in Wellington and traveling around the country before heading to Australia and Europe.


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Sam Scott vs Stephen Malkmus on Music 101


Stephen Malkmus and Samuel Scott / Photo by Dru Faulkner.


Stephen Malkmus fronted one of the most influential bands of the 90s, Pavement, and has continued to write intelligent, oblique and at times cutting tunes with his band, The Jicks. We sent Samuel Scott to meet up with Stephen when he was in Aotearoa for shows recently. Here’s their conversation – one that Sam describes as. “the most lucid chat between stalker and 90s indie rock hero you will ever hear”.
Download: Ogg  |  MP3
Audio duration: ( 13′ 10″ )

Originally aired on Radio NZ National Music, Saturday 21 March 2015

Sam’s Bunnies on Ponies supported Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks in Auckland and Wellington on 12 and 13 March.