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Tell The World by Dave Dobbyn

Produced by Samuel Flynn Scott & Luke Buda (The Phoenix Foundation)

Taken from Dave’s March 2016 album ‘Harmony House’.

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Sunbed music video

Thanks to NZ On Air Music

Directed by the amazing Puck Murphy!

The video premiered on Wonderland Magazine,

The band said of the track that, it “contains so few overdubs. It’s a very full arrangement, but it really is mostly just the band playing it like a band. It’s about the human obsession with UV light and what a powerful and destructive thing that can be. From turning orange with a fake tan, to melting on a tanning bed, to galaxies passing through-other stars colliding-cosmic radiation and destruction on a macro level. It’s also quite a catchy tune.”

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Trans Fatty Acid – GUYD outtake

live session

John Kennedy’s X-Posure Podcast

radio x 2

John Kennedy’s X-Posure Podcast, episode 172 on iTunes.
Recorded right after their London show on 3rd November.

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Live at the Powerstation


Photo: Joel Thomas, courtesy of Cheese on Toast

On Friday 2 October, The Phoenix Foundation debuted material from their latest album, Give Up Your Dreams, at Auckland venue The Powerstation. RNZ’s Andre Upston was there to capture the prog-indie sextet’s technicolour pop performance.

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give up your dreams, video

Give Up Your Dreams music video

Bret McKenzie, who is a half of the fourth most popular folk-diggy-bongo-comedy parody duo Flight of the Conchords, a Grammy Award winner, an Academy Award winner and an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM), stars in the music video for Give Up Your Dreams. You see what I did there?

It was written and directed by Loren Taylor and The Guardian premiered it.

The video – a homage to the work of Soviet film-maker Andrei Tarkovsky – shows the actor digging himself a deep hole, jumping into said hole and awaking in a different state, as if liberated by the freedom of coming to terms with the loss of his creative drive.

“I like the ambiguity of watching someone dig a very deep hole. Is he burying something (his dreams)? Or is he digging a grave? Or is he digging a tunnel to somewhere? I think there is something compelling about watching him get incrementally more exhausted as he gets deeper and deeper into the earth,” says the video’s director, Loren Taylor.

“At the point of utter fatigue and despair he cracks open and falls into the infinite/space/void/a portal to another realm – and wakes reborn where he started, but with a new perspective. It’s a long song, and it felt like it needed an action that slowly evolved over the minutes, and digging has a lovely percussive rhythm to cut with – or against.”

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Face-to-Face with Anika Moa


Sam Scott of The Phoenix Foundation has some bleak advice for aspiring musicians: Give up your dreams.

“Give up your dreams of being famous,” he tells Anika Moa as he stops by to discuss the band’s sixth album, Give Up Your Dreams.

Scott, who claims he is the Lennon in his songwriting partnership with Luke Buda, admits he still does want to be famous – but only so he can keep making music.

He also claims to be “cooler than Dave Grohl” but is quickly shot down by Moa, who rightfully says: “Ain’t no one can be cooler than that MoFo.”

• The Phoenix Foundation will be touring New Zealand from September 18, starting in Wellington and traveling around the country before heading to Australia and Europe.


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#GUYD NZ Tour announced

The Phoenix Foundation ‘Give Up Your Dreams’ NZ Tour

  • Friday September 18th: San Fran Bath House, Wellington
  • Saturday September 19th: Cabana, Napier
  • Thursday September 24th: Allen St Rock Bar, Christchurch
  • Friday September 25th :Sammy’s, Dunedin
  • Saturday September 26th: The Sherwood, Queenstown
  • Thursday October 1st: The Mayfair, New Plymouth
  • Friday October 2nd: The Powerstation, Auckland
  • Saturday October 3rd: Mauao Performing Arts Centre, Tauranga

Tickets via Under The Radar

Read press release

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Give Up Your Dreams – Neil Finn remix

“I was delighted to be asked to remix this track for The Phoenix Foundation who I love. I have never done one before and enjoyed being able to take apart and reassemble someone else’s music, it’s like landscaping your neighbours garden while they’re away on holiday.”
– Neil Finn

give up your dreams, video

Mountain music video

The first video from The Phoenix Foundations 6th studio album Give Up Your Dreams, due for release on 7th Aug 2015.

Video Directed by Sam Kristofski (
Produced by Daniel Higgins / Curious Films (
Made with help from NZ On Air Music