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Who Polices the Noise Police – Sam on Music 101

Samuel Scott policing the noise police / Photo by Clayton Anderson

Samuel Scott policing the noise police / Photo by Clayton Anderson

The demographic of New Zealand cities has shifted dramatically in the last 10 years with apartments popping up on seemingly every inner city corner in Auckland and Wellington.

The Phoenix Foundation’s Samuel Scott explores how this change has affected the live music scene. How does noise affect your sleep and wellbeing? Who judges how loud something has to be before it’s too loud? And who polices the noise police?

Scott takes a late night cruise with his local noise officer, meets heavy metal gods at the Wellington City Council and talks to venue owners and promoters to find out what all this noise is really about.

Originally aired on Radio NZ National Music, Saturday 20 September 2014

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Sam on Music 101 about his ‘grunge’ project

Samuel Flynn Scott joins Emma Smith with a new song from his revived Phoenix Foundation side project Bunnies on Ponies.

Originally aired on Radio NZ National Music, Saturday 30 August 2014

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B.O.P. announce new album

Aug 28, 2014


Bunnies On Ponies would like you to hear Castle Van Halen, the first sign of life from their forthcoming album Heat Death Of The Universe. A follow up of sorts to the Samuel F. Scott & The B.O.P album Straight Answer Machine, HDOTU is actually something of a departure for The Phoenix Foundation front-person.

“I was recovering from a back injury that kept me off my feet for 6 weeks. It was pretty shit. I found that the only music I wanted to listen to was the music of my teenage years; The Breeders, Nirvana, Weezer, Pavement etc. As I emerged from a cloud of prescribed painkillers the desire to play really loud guitar was overwhelming. I knew I had to make this record fast, before Phoenix Foundation commitments overtook my life, so I did. I called up Craig and Tom, we rehearsed a few times and songs just fall from the sky. Castle Van Halen was the first riff I played to the guys. We were in the studio two weeks later and that was that.”

You can hear and download the new single on Soundcloud here.

“Castle Van Halen is essentially a song about me being so bummed out by all these talented teenagers making glorious midi epics that my only salvation was to go further back in time, further out of fashion and play some guitar solos.” – Samuel F. Scott

Bunnies On Ponies are Samuel F. Scott on vocals and guitar, Tom Callwood on bass and vocals and Craig Terris on drums and vocals. They have made three albums together but this is the first where they have written together and recorded live as a three piece for the entire record.

The album was conceived and written over two weeks, recorded in two more weeks with Lee Prebble at the surgery and is buzzes with an intensity that harks back to The Phoenix Foundation’s Happy Ending album.

The album will be out on the 7th of November via Flying Out….more details soon

Bunnies on Ponies on Facebook
Bunnies on Ponies on Twitter

source: Flying Out

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Bunnies On Ponies – Castle Van Haylen

New single from Sam’s other band, Bunnies On Ponies.

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Wild Bill celebrates new album

Will Ricketts and Toby Laing have finished an album called “Later at Whitby’s”, recorded at Anawhata, mixed by DJ Mu aka Fitchie at bays. The release is happening through Wonderful Noise Japan later in the year.

With this show, Will and his team is going to celebrate it. They will also be doing a Wellington show on the 27th of September at the San Francisco Bath House. Additionally, they will be doing a ska acoustic set on 5th of September at Golden Dawn in Auckland.

Come and celebrate with them, too!


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‘Bob Lennon, John Dylan’ up for APRA Silver Scroll Award 2014

‘Bob Lennon John Dylan’ has been shortlisted for the Silver Scrolls with many other great songs this year.

Finalists Revealed For Silver Scroll Award 2014
7th August 2014

The top 20 songs have been chosen for this year’s APRA Silver Scroll Awards. The finalists were whittled down by a panel of APRA writer members, and now they have handed the duty over to the 10,000-strong New Zealand membership to select the top five from which the winner will be selected. Here’s the list.

Voting is now open and takes place via the APRA AMCOS website. The polls close on 31st August and the award ceremony will be held on 30th October at Wellington’s TSB Arena.

Last year’s winner was Lorde for her song ‘Royals’.


Once again, good luck, guys!


Bob Lennon John Dylan music video

A new video from The Phoenix Foundation premiered over on Stereogum,

“Bob Lennon John Dylan,” from the Phoenix Foundation’s recent Tom’s Lunch EP, conjures sounds from rock history, but not so much the ones referenced in the song title. The New Zealand nerds have a whiff of Devo about them, but they approach their spasmodic post-punk with a krautrock undercurrent, the playful cuteness of Aussie indie-pop outfit Architecture In Helsinki, and Stepdad’s shameless nostalgic goofs. Directors Puck And Paul put the band in some sort of wild futuristic tunnel filled with ethereal light, and it’s quite a sight to see. See it below.

Thanks to NZ On Air Music!,, Contact Energy and the Wellington Cable Car.

Directors: Puck and Paul
DOP’s: Jon Baxter , Hannah Walker, Paul Freeman
Costume: Katey Melody Rogers
Prod Manager: Matthew Davis
Art Department: Fred and Hamish
Grip: Andy Cave
Lighting: Puck and Angus

Audio Mixed by Dave Fridmann


Tom’s Lunch EP out NOW!

‘Tom’s Lunch’ is the start of a new chapter for the band with drummer Chris O’Connor, and what better way to follow up a double album of mystical pop than with an EP of short snappy tracks. This exquisite EP features two tracks mixed by David Fridmann (Flaming Lips, MGMT, Tame Impala).

releases 16 May 2014
All Songs Written and Performed by The Phoenix Foundation.
All Songs Recorded by Brett Stanton at The Car Club, Wellington, NZ.
1, 4: Mixed by Dave Fridmann at Tarbox Road Studios, Cassadaga, N.Y.
2, 3, 5: Mixed By Lee Prebble at Surgery Studios, Wellington, NZ.
Mastered by Mike Gibson at Bonfire Audio, Wellington, NZ.
Published by Native Tongue.
Copyright The Phoenix Foundation (WGTN) Ltd. 2014.
Artwork by Anns Taylor and Lukasz Buda.
Thanks to NZ On Air Music for the support.

Available from iTunes, JBHIFI and direct from Bandcamp (including the CD mail order).

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Bunnies On Ponies shall be reborn on a boat

2014-08-23 BOPboatCafe
poster by Hadley Donaldson

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Sam joins the WWF campaign to save Maui’s dolphins

Br6sTxyCIAAWsW6.png large

Singer fronts campaign to save Maui’s

A well-known Kiwi musician is lending his voice to help save a group of endangered New Zealanders who cannot speak for themselves.

Phoenix Foundation vocalist Samuel Flynn Scott is one of a group of 13 well-known New Zealanders and conservationists who are getting behind a campaign launched by global conservation organisation Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) to save the world’s most endangered dolphin.

WWF launched The Last 55 campaign in a bid to save New Zealand’s Maui’s dolphins in May.

The organisation hopes to present political leaders with a petition with at least 55,000 signatures before September’s election and already has 52,000 signatures.

As part of a final push to reach its target, WWF has enlisted the help of familiar faces to help spread the word through social media and poster campaign On Our Watch, which launches tomorrow.

Flynn Scott said he had been thinking about Maui’s dolphins a lot so was happy to join the charge. “It’s one of those stories that keeps coming up.”

With only 55 dolphins left it seemed like a lost cause, Flynn Scott said. However, the more he read about the dolphins the more he realised there was still hope.

Flynn Scott said he often avoided fronting campaigns because he did not want to be involved with pushing a political agenda.

“It’s not some competition between Left and Right . . . It’s about making this issue important for everyone and letting New Zealanders know that we can save these dolphins if we try.”

At the campaign launch earlier this year, WWF New Zealand executive director Chris Howe said the Maui’s dolphin was on the brink of extinction, with only 55 adults left. The dolphins only existed on New Zealand’s west coast and 95 per cent of deaths were due to fishing.

At the moment only half of the dolphin’s habitat was protected from set-netting and trawling, Howe said. WWF was calling on the Government to put in place measures to protect the dolphin’s entire habitat from Maunganui Bluff to the Whanganui River mouth from fishing practices known to kill them, he said.

If nothing was done the species would be extinct within the next 40 years, based on the rate of breeding.

Howe said the Government should provide fishers with support to help them transition to dolphin-friendly practices. “Fishing communities should not have to bear the cost of saving this precious dolphin alone.”




Music Nation interview

Tracey Collins caught up with Sam and Luke from The Phoenix Foundation shortly before their latest tour and EP release, check out the video here. Change to HiDef 1080p for the full experience.