We’re out on the wing of this wobbly bird
And we fall when the bird turns

If you recognise which song I took the lyrics from to name my website, you will know what I feel when I listen to The Phoenix Foundation.

Hello! My name’s Sylwia and I’m from Poland.

First time I heard The Phoenix Foundation it was in Taika Waititi’s film Eagle vs Shark. I had “Hitchcock” stuck in my head for weeks! Then again, I was enchanted by “St Kevin” played at the opening page of the band’s old website. Later, I saw the video with Flight of the Conchords thanking for their Best NZ Group Award where Bret says that The Phoenix Foundation should have won that. I didn’t need any more recommendations and just ordered all albums they had released along with the soundtracks. I got hooked. I started searching for more information about the band and with time I decided to organise it in a regularly updated website form.

If you would like to keep up with the news, you are more than welcome to follow me on Twitter. Band approved! 😀

Questions, complaints, the words of encouragement:

I should also mention that I do not own the rights to any of the photos posted on my site except for the ones I have taken myself. The photos are used by permission of their original owners and if you want to use them as well, please, check the links over the images to contact the proper person.

I am very grateful to everyone who has been so generous and shared with me with their beautiful works. Thank you!

And last but not least.

I would like to say a HUGE ‘thank you’ to Chloé from France who helped me at the very beginning of the history of this fansite. You’re gold! And a GIGANTIC ‘thank you’ goes to Sarah from the UK who moved my website to its new home and also helps me out whenever I get into trouble webwise. You’re platinum!

P.S. I’m also a big fan of Taika Waititi, so maybe you would like to visit my other fansite, World Of Taika.


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