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Chris O’Connor – drummer, percussionist – performer, composer, tutor. Took over Richie Singleton’s place in the band in November 2012. Chris is perhaps New Zealand’s busiest percussionist. The lists of the bands and artists he has performed with and albums and projects (film scores, musicals, theatre) he has worked on is more than just impressive. Head over to his website to get more details. He also runs Rhythm School.

Chris regularly performs in Auckland’s improvisation/sound art music scene (with the Joytoys, Ruckus, Syzygy at The Wine Cellar), collaborates with various Kiwi musicians (SJD, Andrew Keoghan, Anna Coddington) and teaches music at UNITEC and Auckland University. He is a member of Vitamin S, The Spoilers of Utopia and Don McGlashan’s Seven Sisters.

He has composed a film score to Gabriel White’s documentary Oracle Drive and played in others compositions for Strongman: The Tragedy, How Far Is Heaven. His collaboration with Plan 9 has been very fruitful and includes recording scores for such blockbusters as Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, King Kong and The Lovely Bones or local Kiwi films like Tongan Ninja, Predicament or Love Birds.

Chris received the Outstanding Composer of Original Music Award at the 2001 Chappman Tripp Theatre Awards, for his work on The Irish Annals of Aotearoa.

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Chris O’Connor
Emerald Tablets (2012)

1. doing the rounds
2. lung drum
3. the bells the bells
4. teeth breeders
5. i hear a cymbal
6. wall to wall

Chris O’Connor
Cosmonaut (2012)

1. mash cun go to
2. mushat congo
3. not go as much
4. nato scum hog
5. smog tan ouch
6. soma cog hunt

recorded on 27 June 2012 at the Wine Cellar (Auckland, NZ).
Recorded by Chris O’Connor with a TASCAM DR100MKII.

Spoilers Of Utopia
Spoilers Of Utopia (2013)

buy at Bandcamp

Original compositions and new arrangements of such diverse material as Don McGlashan pop songs and Salvation Army hymns

Band members:
John Bell – bandleader, composer, vibraharp, tenor horn
Don McGlashan – euphonium
Kingsley Melhuish – trumpet
Ben Zilber – trombone
Chris O’Connor – drums
Neil Watson – guitars
Finn Scholes – trumpet
Owen Melhuish – tuba
Darren Hannah – bass
Cameron Allen – Moog
Gerard Crewdson – maverick brass
Jacob Unuia, TJ Unuia and Tua Mete – drums

The album was released thanks to crowdfunding.

Jonathan Crayford Trio
Decision (2011)

1. Decision
2. Tijuana Gift Shop
3. Memories of You
4. Pithycanthropus Erectus
5. Blues
6. Milestones
7. Freedom Jazz Dance
8. Tijuana Gift Shop (alt)
9. Un Poco Loco
10. Where Light Meets Water

Jonathan Crayford – piano
Patrick Bleakley – bass
Chris O’Connor – drums

Don McGlashan and The Seven Sisters
Marvelous Year (2009)

1. The Switch
2. Bad Blood
3. Not Ready
4. You’re The Song
5. Everything’s Broken: Life’s So Sweet
6. 18th Day
7. Marvellous Year
8. Radio Programmer
9. C2006P1 [Make Yourself At Home]
10. Bathe In The River
11. Theme From ‘The Colossus Of Roadies”

Member of The Seven Sisters

Don McGlashan
Warm Hand (2006)

1. This Is London
2. Toy Factory Fire
3. Blame
4. Harbour Bridge
5. Courier
6. Passenger 26
7. I Will Not Let You Down
8. Interlude
9. Miracle Sun
10. Queen Of The Night

Member of The Seven Sisters

Dayglo Spectres (2008)

1. If I Lose My Way
2. Let’s Do Something
3. No Telling Where
4. Baby You’re Oh So
5. The President Of Mars And The Emperor Of Mercury
6. Nite Club
7. We Come
8. Shindaisha
9. My Window
10. Fire In The Crawlspace

Sean James Donnelly – vocals
James Duncan – guitar
Chris O’Connor – drums
Sandy Mill – keys, vocals

Songs from a Dictaphone (2006)

1. Bad Karma In Yokahama
2. The Last I Saw Of Maryanne
3. I Wrote This Song For You
4. Black Is A Beautiful Colour
5. Jesus
6. I Am The Radio
7. Lucifer
8. (Just Say No To The) Disco Inferno
9. Beautiful Haze
10. 40 Flights Up
11. Two Bodies
*iTunes Exclusive Bonus Tracks
12. Pulse Width Modulation
13. So Long

The Deconstruction Unit
The Consolation of Philosophy (2005)

1. The Consolation of Philosophy

Gerard Crewdson – trombone, tuba
Jeff Henderson – baritone saxophone, piano
Craig Taylor, Jonny Marks – electric guitar
Chris O’Connor, Vlada Plackic, Rick Cranson – drums, gongs, cymbals

Doctor Quirkey’s Goodtime Emporium Band
A6 (2005)

buy from a-music

Daniel Beban – guitar
Chris O’Connor – drums

recorded during Chris’s visit to Europe in 2004

Syzygy Creative Music Ensemble
Tongue Grooves (1997)

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1 Pain And Darkness
2 Demented #1
3 Teriu le Mon
4 Duet For Vibraphone/Guitar
5 Nquitpausuckowashawmen
6 Nigeria
7 Tease
8 Demented #2
9 Sayydah’s Tongue Groove
10 The Risk
11 Breathe Now

Jeff Henderson
Joe Callwood
John Bell
Paul Dyne
Chris O’Connor


Katie Scott and the Miss T’s
That’s The Game (2011)

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guest musician




Anna Coddington
Bird In Hand (2013)

produced by SJD

guest musician

Kittens of the Internet
Living the Dream (2013)

guest musician

produced by Katie Scott and Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper


Conrad Wedde
Space World (2014)

Frozen Bones – percussion

Andrew Keoghan
Arctic Tales Divide (2011)

guest musician

Jonathan Besser
Campusari (2011)

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Miranda Adams – gamelan
John Bell – vibraphone
Jim Langabeer – flutes
Andrew Pask – soprano sax
Tatiana Lanchtchikova – accordion
Chris O’Connor – drums
Peter Scott – bass
Nigel Gavin – electric guitar

James Duncan
Vanishing (2012)

guest musician

James Duncan
Hello-Fi (2009)

guest musician

Julien Dyne
Pins and Digits (2009)

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guest musician



The Topp Twins
Honkey Tonk Angel (2009)

Producers: Don McGlashan/Jools Topp/Lynda Topp
Arrangement: Don McGlashan

Lynda Topp Vocals, Harmonica
Jools Topp – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Don McGlashan – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

The Band: The Seven Sisters
John Segovia – Guitar, Pedal Steel, Electric, Lap Steel
Dominic Blaazer – Hammond Organ, Mandolin, Banjo
Maree Thom – Bass, Piano Accordion
Chris O’Connor – Drums, Percussion

Miriam Clancey
Magnetic (2009)

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guest musician



Carolina Moon
Mother Tongue (2011)

Carolina Moon – vocals, bells
Nigel Gavin – guitar, glissantar
Jessica Hindin – violin
Roger Manins, – soprano, sopranino saxophones, clarinets and flute
Kevin Field – piano
Matthias Erdrich – double bass
Ron Samsom / Chris O’Connor – percussion, drums

Carolina Moon
East of the Sun (2007)

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Carolina Moon – vocals
Roger Manins – tenor saxophone
Kevin Field – piano
Nigel Gavin – guitar
Olivier Holland – acoustic bass
Chris O’Connor – drums
Herschal – accordion

The Labcoats
Acid & Alkaline (2004)

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guest musician



Age Pryor
Shanks’ Pony (2007)

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guest musician



Age Pryor
City Chorus (2003)

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guest musician



Charlotte Yates
Plainsong (2003)

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guest musician



Leila Adu
Dig A Hole (2003)

guest musician

Marshmallow (Alan Gregg)
Marshmallow (2002)

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guest musician



David Long
Cross Creek (2012)

Almost all of this music was composed as accompaniment: for live performances by dance companies led by Douglas Wright or Raewyn Hill, or for Leanne Pooley’s documentary ‘Being Billy Apple’. The title track was an International Arts Festival commission.

Slim Volume (David Long)
Come on In (2001)

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drums – Too Late Now, Home Fires



The Gray Between Shadow and Shade (2005)

Plan 9
The Songs of Kurt Weill (2007)

contact Plan 9 to order a CD

Janet Roddick
David Donaldson
Steve Roche
David Long
Jeff Henderson
Chris O’Connor

Plan 9
Close Your Eyes (2005)

available from and IQ Toys

CD with lullabies from 18 different migrant peoples, including countries as diverse as Finland, Ethiopia, Greece, Hungary, Argentina, and the United States. The 19th track is Aotearoa’s own most recognised lullaby, “Hine e Hine”.

Proceeds from the sale of this CD contribute to the ESOL Home Tutors Wellington group’s work training and supporting of volunteers who provide effective resettlement and english language support for refugees and migrants who have made Wellington their home.

Plan 9 and various artists
Baxter (2000)

buy from SmokeCDs

Track 7. Plan 9 – The Surfman’s Story

N.Z. artists performing poetry by James K. Baxter.
Artistic director – Charlotte Yates

Thrashing Marlin
Wits End (2006)

guest musician

Thrashing Marlin
Garage Sailors (2000)

guest musician


Plan 9
Love Birds (2011)

directed by Paul Murphy
starring Rhys Darby and Sally Hawkins

Love Birds on NZ On Screen


Mario Grigorov
The Hopes and Dreams of Gazza Snell (2010)

written and directed by Brendan Donovan
starring Robyn Malcolm, William McInnes, Josh McKenzie

The Hopes… on NZ On Screen

Plan 9
Predicament (2010)

directed by Jason Stutter
starring Hayden Frost, Heath Franklin and Jemaine Clement

Predicament on NZ On Screen

Winners of the 2011 AFTA Best Feature Film Score

Plan 9 and David Long
The Lovely Bones (2009)

directed by Peter Jackson
starring Saoirse Ronan, Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz and Susan Sarandon

two instrumentals composed by Plan 9 and David Long and used throughout the film:
The Killing Pit
Dark Siren

Official website of the film

Don McGlashan
Dean Spanley (2009)

directed by Toa Fraser
starring Sam Neill, Jeremy Northam, Peter O’Toole and Bryan Brown

buy at Amplifier

Jack Body
Rain of the Children (2008)

directed by Vincent Ward

Rain of the Children on NZ On Screen



Plan 9
Second Hand Wedding (2008)

directed by Paul Murphy
starring Geraldine Brophy, Patrick Wilson, Holly Shanahan, Ryan O’kane, Tina Regtien and John Rowles.

Second Hand Wedding on NZ On Screen

Don McGlashan
Show of Hands (2008)

written and directed by Anthony McCarthen
starring Craig Hall, Melanie Lynskey, Stephen Lovatt, Chelsie Preston Crayford

buy at Amplifier

Show of Hands on NZ On Screen

Sam Hamilton and Chris O’Connor
Tidal Dees and Harboured Dums (2007)

soundtrack for Tim van Dammen’s film ‘Anguish

order from Volcanic Tongue

Chris O’Connor – drums, percussion
Sam Hamilton – electric guitar, electronics, bass, computer
Rohan Evans – bass

Plan 9
Chop Off (2006)

directed by Grant Lahood
starring Terry Wilkins, Corey Wilkins, Kyle Lemon

Winner of a silver medal at the 2007 Park City film music festival

Chop Off on NZ Film Commission

Plan 9
King Kong (2005)

directed by Peter Jackson
starring Naomi Watts, Jack Black, Adrien Brody, Thomas Kretschmann

Ambient Music Design (in collaboration with David Long)

Plan 9
Perfect Strangers (2004)

directed by Gaylene Preston
starring Sam Neill and Rachael Blake

Winner Gold medal at the 2007 Park City film music festival
Finalist at the 2005 Screen Awards

Perfect Strangers on NZ On Screen

Plan 9
Danny Deckchair (2003)

directed by
starring Rhys Ifans and Miranda Otto



Plan 9
Tongan Ninja (2002)

directed by Jason Stutter
starring Sam Manu and Jemaine Clement

Tongan Ninja on NZ On Screen


Plan 9
Kombi Nation (2002)

directed by Grant Lahood
starring Genevieve McClean, Gentiane Lupi, Loren Horsley and Jason Whyte

Kombi Nation on NZ On Screen

Plan 9
The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

directed by Peter Jackson
starring Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen

Plan 9 composed and performed “cultural Music”: Bilbo’s party music Flaming Red Hair, The Drinking Song and for the extended DVD The Elvish Lament (aka The Passing Of The Elves)

Plan 9
Jubilee (2000)

directed by Michael Hurst
starring Cliff Curtis, Theresa Healey and Kevin Smith

Jubilee on NZ On Screen



Anna Coddington – Bird In Hand (2013)
Directed by Aidee Walker

Don McGlashan & The Seven Sisters – Bad Blood
Directed by Sally Tran

Don McGlashan – Harbour Bridge
Directed by Blain Hosford

SJD – Beautiful Haze
Directed by Lawrence Blackenbyl

SJD – Bad Karma In Yokohama
Directed by Chris White & Chungmin Moon

SJD – I Wrote This Song For You
Directed by Chris White

SJD – No Telling Where
Directed by Chris White

SJD – Baby You’re Oh So
Produced, directed and ASCIIized by Dom & Simon Taylor


Lawrence Arabia live at Sebright Arms, London – May 15, 2013

Lawrence Arabia live at Audio, Brighton, UK – May 13, 2013

The Spoilers Of Utopia – Delegation March live at The Wine Cellar – Vitamin S, Auckland – April 2013

The Spoilers Of Utopia – O Boundless Salvation live at The Wine Cellar, Auckland – November 2011

Andrew Keoghan – Ca va Bien Merci live at Q Auckland, New Zealand – December 21, 2011

Andrew Keoghan – Every Orchid Offering live at Q Auckland, New Zealand – December 21, 2011

Andrew Keoghan – Every Orchid Offering live at The Lab studio, Auckland – January 2011

Carolina Moon – Como La Rosa, Genesis Energy Theatre, Wellington – October 2011

Carolina Moon – Aqua / El Rey de Francia, Genesis Energy Theatre, Wellington – October 2011

Carolina Moon – Silverfish, Genesis Energy Theatre, Wellington – October 2011

Don McGlashan & The Seven Sisters – Radio Programmer live at The Cloud, Auckland – October 7, 2011

Don McGlashan & The Seven Sisters – Don’t Fight It Marsha live at The Cloud, Auckland – October 7, 2011

Don McGlashan & The Seven Sisters – Marvelous Year live on “Talk Talk” TVNZ7, 2009


Radio NZ National: Chris O’Connor on Musical Chairs – Friday June 22, 2012
Don McGlashan, Sean Donnelly and Andrew Keoghan all rely on drummer Chris O’Connor to provide a steady and often colourful rhythm beneath their songs; but O’Connor is much more than one of New Zealand’s best time-keepers. He is also passionate about improvisation and education as Nick Atkinson found out for Musical Chairs featuring Chris O’Connor. Duration:  23′ 45″ 

NZ Herald: Talking Heads: Chris O’Connor and Julien Dyne – March 20, 2012
For Talking Heads, we got Julien Dyne and Chris O’Connor to come together and chew over the strange duality of the drum kit, the intersections of melody and noise, and the rejuvenating power of playing live. Duration: 10′ 27”

NZ Musician: Get Yer Kit Off: Chris O’Connor – June/July 2007