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Luke Buda – born in Wroclaw, Poland in 1979. Came to New Zealand in 1987, the year the All Blacks first won the Rugby World Cup! Singer, songwriter, composer, musician. Founding member and one of the two frontmen of The Phoenix Foundation. Has released his three solo projects: a ‘mini’ album The C Sides, initially released by Luke himself in 2002 and re-released by Slow Boat Records in 2005, and two full-length albums Special Surprise and Vesuvius.

Luke has composed music to films Eagle vs Shark (also made a cameo in The Animal Party scene), Boy, Separation City, Rage, Until Proven Innocent (together with Conrad Wedde nominated to Qantas Film and Television Awards 2009, Best Original Music in General Television). Creates music with Cassette and many other New Zealand musicians. Apple Pie Bed written together with James Milne a.k.a. Lawrence Arabia brought him the prestigious APRA Silver Scroll Award in 2009.

In mid-2014, Luke together with Tom Callwood, Anthony Donaldson and David Long formed a band called TEETH. They haven’t had any release yet.

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Luke Buda
Vesuvius (2008)

1. Crystal Ham
2. When You’re Broke
3. The Wasp
4. Electric Waterfall
5. Empty Eyes, Generous Thighs…
6. Vesuvius
7. My Imminent Demise
8. The Answer’s Always Yes
9. Weekend Dad
10. Wrapped Up
11. Damn The Youth
12. Atlas

Luke Buda – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Craig Terris – Drums, Vocals
Tom Watson – Guitars, Bass, Vocals

Written by Luke Buda except:
Crystal Ham – Luke Buda & James Milne
My Imminent Deminse – Luke Buda & Sam Scott
The Answer’s Always Yes – Luke Buda & Tom Watson
My Imminent Demise – String Arrangements by Tom McLeod

Luke Buda
Special Surprise (2005)

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1. Cosmic Danse
2. Special Surprise
3. The Stallion
4. Sauerkraut Bossa
5. The Prophet
6. Slav To The Rhythm
7. The Werewolf
8. Dimiti’s Blues
9. Atomic Pash
10. Pennyfarthing
11. A Helpful Hand
12. Innuendo

Tom Callwood – bass
Rio Hemopo – bass
Luke Benge – keys
Craig Terris – drums, backing vocals
Mike Fabulous – guitar
Sarah Jane Pardon – vocals
Samuel Flynn Scott
Conrad Wedde
Will Ricketts
Richie Singleton


Luke Buda
The C Sides (2002)

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1. Blue Summer
2. Number Three
3. Country Boy
4. Scene From A Video
5. Seaside
6. Television Songs
7. Reprise

All songs recorded and performed by Luke Buda except:

Number Three
Thomas Lahood: lyrics and vocals
Sam Scott: outro lyrics and vocals, bridge guitar
Luke Buda: vocals, guitar, bass, keys, drums

Scene From a Video
Conrad Wedde: programming, guitar, casio
Luke Buda: synthesizer, piano

Tim Hansen: bass
Will Ricketts: percussion
Nicky Lillicrap: vibraphone
Nic McGowan: accordian
Luke Buda: lyrics, vocals, guitars

Television Songs
Sam Scott: lyrics and vocals
Anand Naran: scratching
Conrad Wedde: outro dub guitar
Luke Buda: guitars, bass, synthesizers, drums, percussion


Samuel Scott and Luke Buda
Separation City (2009)

nominated to Qantas Film and Television Awards 2009, Best Original Music in a Feature Film

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Track list:
1. Wedding At The Boom Rock
4. Nipples
6. Creek
8. Hotel Hoffenstoffer
10. Men In D7
13. Bye Bye Daddy
14. Happy In The Trees
15. Katrine
16. Potsdam
17. Sexy Time

As Luke Buda
5. Weekend Dad


Written by Tom Scott
Directed by Paul Middleditch
Starring: Rhona Mitra, Joel Edgerton, Thomas Kretschmann, Danielle Cormack, Michelle Langstone, Les Hill

Separation City on:

The Phoenix Foundation
Eagle vs Shark (2007)

available on iTunes US only

As Luke Buda
4. Cosmic Dance
12. Seaside



Craig Terris
Bleat Your Heart Out (2012)

Synths: Hazy Nights And Lazy Days, Ghost Of Our Neighbourhood, Ahead Of The Storm

Flight of the Conchords
Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That) (2012)

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Backing vocals



Rebel Peasant
The Walls of the Well (2009)

Electric guitar: Inundare & The Moon

Lawrence Arabia
Chant Darling (2009)

Guest musician

Writing credit: Apple Pie Bed – co-written with James Milne (the 2009 APRA Silver Scroll Award)

The Jingle King (2009)

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Guest musician



The Cancer EP (2008)

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Guest musician



T.C. Wedde
Bronze (2008)

Guest musician

Age Pryor
Shanks’ Pony (2007)

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Vocals: Shanks’ Pony



Samuel Flynn Scott
The Hunt Brings Us Life (2006)

Backing vocals: Crooks (…and Mr Lady)

Video Kid
Prototype (2004)

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Synthesizer: Video Kid



Luke Buda – Weekend Dad (2010)
Directed by Sarah Jane Parton

Luke Buda – My Imminent Demise (2008)
Directed by Taika Waititi

Luke Buda – Special Surprise (2007)
Directed by Luke Savage

Luke Buda – Blue Summer (2002)
Directed by Marty Williams

Flight Of The Conchords – Feel Inside And Stuff Like That (2012)


Little Bark – I Need a Shot (2010)
Directed by Ruth Korver

Cassette – Our Dream (2009)

Video Kid – DJz Girlfriend (2004)

Eagle vs Shark (2007)
Directed by Taika Waititi


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Lawrence Arabia live at Audio, Brighton, UK – May 13, 2013

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Kirsten Johnstone asks about the album ‘Vesuvius’ and Luke Buda plays. Duration:  16′ 49″ 

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