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Richie Singleton – drummer and environmental activist. Joined The Phoenix Foundation in 2001 and left 12 years later in September 2012 when TPF were in the middle of recording their fifth studio album, Fandango. Richie wanted to focus on the work he does for the environment after he had received his MA of Environmental Studies from Victoria University of Wellington. His thesis is available on-line.

Originally from Rotorua, before he moved to Wellington, Richie lived in Nelson and attended the Nelson School of Music. He recorded albums with The New Druids Society Quartet, Feordorsidenec and Mystery – alternative rock heavy metal bands. Playing as a guest percussionist with Bunyip during summer tours, he developed a passion for roots music.

Singleton released his first solo album, The Walls of the Well as Rebel Peasant in 2009.

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Rebel Peasant
The Walls of the Well (2009)

1. Ushbhackt
2. Eraque
3. To Fatten a Feather
4. Inundare & the Moon
5. Little Swann
6. The Walls of the Well
7. Affair at Fabyan
8. For control of the mill
9. and the meek shall inherit what’s left
10. Fledgling’s Keeper
11. The Martinet

Other musicians:
USHBHACKT: Troy Kelly – Double Bass, Sharon Ware – Vocals.
ERAQUE: Tom Watson – Trumpet.
INUNDARE & THE MOON: Samuel Flynn Scott – Clarinet, Luke Buda – Electric guitar, Warner Emery – Bass, Will Ricketts – synth & blieps, Conrad Wedde – synths, blieps & space gat.
Warner Emery – Bass, Al Fraser – Electric Guitar.
THE WALLS OF THE WELL: Toby Laing – Cornet & Baritone Horn, James Coyle & Richie – Rhodes, Mike Fabulous – Guitar, Saali Marks – Chookum Gat.
AFFAIR AT FABYAN: Tom Callwood – Double Bass & Cello, Shona Holborow – Violin.
Tom Watson – Trumpet, James Coyle & Richie – Djembes & Percussion, Tom Callwood – Double Bass.
FLEDGLINGS KEEPER: Andy Hummel – Bass, A.J. Hickling – Percussion & Production.
THE MARTINET: Tom Watson – Trumpet, Isaac Smith – Double Bass.


Rosy Tin Teacaddy
All Mountains Are Men (2011)

Additional drums – Man of Dust

Luke Buda
Special Surprise (2005)

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Guest musician




Rebel Peasant – The Martinet

Rebel Peasant’s music features in Climate Change Freeze 09 Wellington, New Zealand


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