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Samuel Flynn Scott – singer, songwriter, composer, producer, founding member and one of the two frontmen of The Phoenix Foundation. He has released two solo albums with his own band, The Bunnies On Ponies. Their 3rd album, Heat Death Of The Universe was out on 7th November 2014 via Flying Out.

Sam collaborates with many New Zealand musicians, produced Eva Prowse‘s debut album I Can’t Keep Secrets in 2010, has written music to many films (Eagle vs Shark, Boy, Separation City, Rage) and has been a part of Fly My Pretties and The Firefly Orchestra.

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Bunnies On Ponies
‘Heat Death of the Universe’ (2014)

1. Castle Van Halen
2. Nothing
3. Straight Up Jerk
4. Destination Newtown Park Flats
5. Baked
6. Only Thing
7. Spectrum
8. Presence At The Mall
9. Bored Out Of My Brains
10. Safe In Sound

Bunnies On Ponies:
Samuel F. Scott – vocals, guitars, synthetic keyboards, clarinet
Tom Callwood – bass guitar, backing vocals
Craig Terris – backing vocals, drums, percussive instruments

Writing credits:
Music by Bunnies On Ponies
Words by Samuel Flynn Scott
Additional lyrics on Presence At The Mall by Ralph Scott

Samuel F. Scott & The Bunnies On Ponies
‘Straight Answer Machine’ (2008)

1. Llewellyn
2. Sodium Ions
3. Raver On Probation
4. Leave Me Alone
5. Black Mark
6. Moist People
7. Union Man
8. All My Dreams
9. Catch Up For Coffee
10. Stolen Egypt
11. Your Own Head

The Bunnies On Ponies:
Craig Terris – drums, vocals
Tom Callwood – bass, vocals
Matt Armitage – piano, keys
Thomas Watson – trumpet

Additional musicians:
James Milne – piano, backing vocals
Lee Prebble – drum programming
Will Ricketts – bongos, bells, wood block
Conrad Wedde – yamaha porta-sound
Julia Deans – vocal
James Coyle – piano

Samuel Flynn Scott
The Hunt Brings Us Life (2006)

1. War Over Water
2. The Hunt
3. Giving Up Is My New Morning Sun
4. Chopped Liver
5. Gods Legs
6. Boil My Bones
7. Everything Explodes
8. It’s A Fact
9. Thingy
10. Crooks (…and Mr Lady)
11. Waiting For What
12. 8.45
13. Walking Whale

Bunnies On Ponies:
Tom Callwood – double bass
David Long – banjo
Craig Terris – drums
Riki Gooch – drums
Mike Fabulous – drums, percussion, cymbals

Additional musicians:
Luke Benge – accordion
Luke Buda – backing vocals
Steve Roche – euphonium
Toby Laing – Roland mono-synth, Rhodes
Age Pryor – backing vocals
Lee Prebble – lap steel

Eva Prowse
I Can’t Keep Secrets (2010)

1. Vegemite & Spaceships
2. Youngest Child
3. Hope Remains
4. Complacency
5. Sophocles Sarcophagus
6. In the Agora
7. She’s Bound to Get Ya
8. Fashion vs Function
9. Lie in the Land
10. Pirie Street

Album produced by Sam
Writing credits:
Youngest Child: Written by Eva Prowse & Samuel Flynn Scott
Complacency: Written by Eva Prowse & Samuel Flynn Scott

Piano: Pirie Street
Backing vocals: Hope Remains, Complacency, She’s Bound to Get Ya, Lie in the Land

Fly My Pretties
The Return of Fly My Pretties (2005)

7. Nato’s Theme
8. Don’t Start
13. All That Could Be
14. Flight Of The Owl

On the DVD:
15. Alright
17. Light Beings
18. Let’s Roll

Writing credits:
Don’t Start
All That Could Be (with Daniel Weetman, Luke Benge)
Flight of the Owl (with Barnaby Weir, Mailee Mathews, Brendan Moran, Nathan Hickey)
Light Beings (with Barnaby Weir)

Nato’s Theme – guitar, backing vocals
Don’t Start – guitar, vocals
All That Could Be – guitar
Flight of the Owl – Fender Rhodes, Theremin, vocals
Alright – guitar
Light Beings – guitar, vocals
Let’s Roll – guitar

Fly My Pretties
Live At Bats (2004)

4. Intro – Lucky
5. Lucky
7. All The Goodness
10. Let’s Roll
11. Intro – Quiet Girl
12. Quiet Girl
13. Champion
15. Turn It Around
16. Fly My Pretties

Quiet Girl written by Sam

Lucky, All The Goodness, Let’s Roll, Turn It Around, Fly My Pretties – guitar
Quiet Girl – vocals, guitar
Champion – (bowed) guitar


Bunnies On Ponies
Castle Van Haylen (2014)

Mrs. Potts (2008)

From the poem by Sonya Clark, winner of the ‘Best Lyric’ in the New Zealand Post National Schools Poetry Awards 2008.


Samuel Scott and Luke Buda
Separation City (2009)

nominated to Qantas Film and Television Awards 2009 Best Original Music in a Feature Film

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1. Wedding At The Boom Rock
4. Nipples
6. Creek
8. Hotel Hoffenstoffer
10. Men In D7
13. Bye Bye Daddy
14. Happy In The Trees
15. Katrine
16. Potsdam
18. Sexy Time


Written by Tom Scott
Directed by Paul Middleditch
Starring: Rhona Mitra, Joel Edgerton, Thomas Kretschmann, Danielle Cormack, Michelle Langstone, Les Hill

Separation City on:


Rewi’s Dream (2010)

An unused film score

Angeline (2010)

With Phil Bostwick (P Hill Harmony) and Jol Mulholland. Written, recorded and mixed in 2 hours for C4.


Flight of the Conchords
Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That) (2012)

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Backing vocals


Sophie Burbery / Little Bark
Hope Is Rubbery (2010)

Writing credit:
I Need A Shot – Written by Sophie Burbery, Samuel Flynn Scott and Conrad Wedde

Rebel Peasant
The Walls of the Well (2009)

Clarinet: Inundare & The Moon

Lawrence Arabia
Chant Darling (2009)

Guest musician

Jess Chambers and the Firefly Orchestra
Jess Chambers and the Firefly Orchestra (2008)

Backing vocals
Part of The Firefly Orchestra

Barry Saunders
Zodiac (2008)

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Backing vocals



Kezia Nell Hinchey
Kezia and The Seven Year Itch (2006)

available at SmokeCDs, Amazon and iTunes

Member of the recording band



Luke Buda
Vesuvius (2008)

Writing credit: My Imminent Demise written by Luke Buda and Sam Scott
Backing vocals: When You’re Broke, Electric Waterfall, Weekend Dad, Damn The Youth

Luke Buda
Special Surprise (2005)

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Writing credit & vocals: Slav To The Rhythm



Luke Buda
The C Sides (2002)

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Number Three: Outro lyrics and vocals, bridge guitar
Television Songs: Lyrics and vocals

The Friendly Barnacle
The Tale of Boodle (2009)

Sam lending his voice as Narrator and 1st Worker


The Bunnies On Ponies – Nothing (2015)
Concept & Direction: Creature
Animators: Creature & Joren Van Suylekom

The Bunnies On Ponies – Baked (2015)
Directed by Luke Savage

more details

Samuel F. Scott & the B.O.P. – Raver on Probation (2008)
Directed by Nathan Hickey

Samuel F. Scott & the B.O.P. – Llewellyn (2008)
Directed by Nathan Hickey

Samuel Flynn Scott – War Over Water (2006)
Directed by Luke Savage

Samuel Flynn Scott and Sonya Clark – Mrs Potts (2008)

From the poem by Sonya Clark, winner of the Best Lyric in the NZ Post National Schools Poetry Awards 2008.

Flight Of The Conchords – Feel Inside And Stuff Like That (2012)


Radio NZ National: NZ Live – Cook Strait Social Club – September 14, 2007
Live from Christchurch studio, the Cook Strait Social Club – Sam, Barry Saunders of the Warratahs and Julia Deans of Fur Patrol join forces ahead of their tour around Aotearoa. Duration:  40′ 45″

Radio NZ National Music: Samuel Flynn Scott & Lawrence Arabia Session – April 14, 2007
Sam and Lawrence Arabia (The Reduction Agents) with drummer Craig Terris (Cassette) in Music 101 Session hosted by Sam Wicks. The songs are: You Better Just Leave Me Alone; The Kinds of Feelings That Happen On Summer Beaches; All My Dreams; Dream Teacher; Apple Pie Bed, A Dylan Song & Cancer. Duration:  22′ 30″

Radio NZ National Music: Samuel Flynn Scott in Session – November 12, 2005
Samuel Flynn Scott performs songs from his debut solo album The Hunt Brings Us Life for Music 101. Duration: 16′ 22″

Kiwi FM 31 Bands in a Box, NZ Music Month 2008

Samuel F. Scott & the B.O.P. – Raver On Probation, Backstage, Dunedin – July 20, 2008

Sam solo at The Lexington – Black Mark, London summer 2008

Live and Acoustic: The Cook Strait Social Club Tour – Giving Up Is My New Morning Sun, Mighty Mighty, Wellington NZ – September 19, 2007

Watch also from the same evening High & Clear and Bowie’s cover Sorrow sang by Julia Deans and Barry Saunders with Sam on the guitar and drums respectively.

Giving Up Is My New Morning Sun, Alt TV 2006

Fly My Pretties – Nato’s Theme (2005)

Fly My Pretties – Fly My Pretties (2004)

Fly My Pretties – Champion (2004)

Fly My Pretties – Let’s Roll (2004)

Fly My Pretties – Lucky (2004)

Lawrence Arabia live at Sebright Arms, London, UK – May 15, 2013

Lawrence Arabia live at Audio, Brighton, UK – May 13, 2013

Ricky Boyd and The Boomshack Band, San Francisco Bath House, Wellington, NZ – July 28, 2012
Night Train

Land of 1000 Dances


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