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T. C. Wedde – multi-instrumentalist, composer, founding member of The Phoenix Foundation. His debut album, Bronze was released in 2008. The cover art was made by Luke Buda’s partner, Sarah Jane Parton.

His second album is called Space World.

Apart from the film scores he has made with the band, Conrad created music to Until Proven Innocent (nominated to Qantas Film and Television Awards 2009, Best Original Music in General Television) together with Luke Buda and Rage with Luke and Sam. He lends his talents to the band members’ solo projects as well as other New Zealand musicians. Conrad co-produced Sophie Burbery/Little Bark‘s debut album, Hope Is Rubbery.

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Conrad Wedde
Space World (2014)

1. Cassandra
2. Cabby
3. Bamboo
4. Frozen Bones
5. Islands
6. Space World

Recorded, composed and played by Conrad Wedde

Additional musicians:
Chris O’Connor – percussion on Frozen Bones
William Ricketts – percussion on Cabby
Toki Wilson and John White – vocals on Cassandra

Recorded in a small room in Dunedin, New Zealand
Mixed and mastered by Lee Prebble at The Surgery
released 21 March 2014

T.C. Wedde
Bronze (2008)

1. Milestone
2.Out Of Date
3. Aboo
4. Ultra Goggles
5. NiteKite
6. Frog Rhythm
7. Maliboo
8. Pelorus Sound
9. Don’t Sync
10. Rudolf Bachmann
11. 68
12. Distant Star
13. Seaphone

Additional muscians:
Craig Terris
Luke Buda
Will Ricketts
Sophie Burbery
Puck Murphy
DJ Tasker

Original compositions by Conrad Wedde
Recorded in Wellington, Dunedin, The Marlborough Sounds, Waitarere beach and Waiheke Island, New Zealand.
released 02 February 2008
Written and Recorded by Conrad Wedde.
Additional engineering\recording by Lee Prebble
Mastered by Lee Prebble

Sophie Burbery / Little Bark
Hope Is Rubbery (2010)

Co-producer of the album

Writing credit:
I Need A Shot – Written by Sophie Burbery, Samuel Flynn Scott and Conrad Wedde


Conrad Wedde – Boon Docks (2013)

Conrad Wedde – Snow Flake

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Craig Terris
Bleat Your Heart Out (2012)

Electric guitar: Nobody Can Tell

Rebel Peasant
The Walls of the Well (2009)

Synths, blieps & space gat.: Inundare & The Moon

Samuel F. Scott & The Bunnies On Ponies
‘Straight Answer Machine’ (2008)

Yamaha porta-sound: Moist People, Your Own Head

Luke Buda
Vesuvius (2008)

Drum Programming: Empty Eyes, Generous Thighs…

Luke Buda
Special Surprise (2005)

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Guest musician



Luke Buda
The C Sides (2002)

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Scene From a Video: programming, guitar, casio
Television Songs: outro dub guitar


Kezia Nell Hinchey
Kezia and The Seven Year Itch (2006)

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Member of the recording band



The Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand
Music by Conrad Wedde


Conrad Wedde – Bamboo (2014)
video by Puck Murphy