Tom Callwood

Tom in:
The Melancholy Babes
Little Bushman
The Bunnies on Ponies
The Wooden Box Band

Tom Callwood – bass, double bass, violin and cello player. Joined The Phoenix Foundation in April 2010 taking place after Warner Emery.

Tom’s first love seems to be jazz. Together with Jeff Henderson and Anthony Donaldson formed a band in the mid 2000s called The Melancholy Babes which plays experimental, improvised jazz. At the same time, Tom joined Warren Maxwell’s (ex-Trinity Roots) new band, Little Bushman. With Rick Cranson on drums and Tom’s brother, Joe on guitars, they released four albums of proggy psychedelic rock influenced by the music from the ’60s and ’70s. He left Little Bushman in 2011.

Tom changes styles easily. Other bands he has been involved with are Paddy Burgin and the Wooden Box Band playing country, folk music, The Bunnies On Ponies – Sam Scott’s band and The Over Stayer – Will Ricketts and Mara TK’s project. He also recorded with Charmaine Ford, winner of the 2007 Tui Award, Rueben Bradle, winner of the 2010 Tui Award, his past and present fellow Phoenicians and was a guest musician on one of the Phoenix Foundation albums before he joined the band.

He recently formed a band called The Woods together with his brother Joe, Rick Cranson of Little Bushman and Blair Latham. In November 2014, they released their debut album, Manyana.

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The Woods
Manyana (2014)

1. Cuzco
2. Rain Man
3. Framus
4. Onion Skin Cigar
5. Maya

The Woods
Blair Latham – Tenor Saxophone / Bass Clarinet
Joe Callwood – Guitar
Tom Callwood – Bass
Rick Cranson – Drums

The Melancholy Babes
Opium (2012)

1. On the Wall
2. Dead Cardinal
3. Opium 1
4. Mistake in the Grass
5. Dodecahedron
6. Opium 2
7. Jazz Diabolique
8. Hades Hens Night
9. Opium 3

Jeff Henderson – alto saxophone
Tom Callwood – bass
Anthony Donaldson – drums

Mike Cooper with Jeff Henderson, Anthony Donaldson, Tom Callwood
Tu Fuego (2005)

Blue Vinyl, Limited Edition

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A Tu Fuego Part I
B Tu Fuego Part II

Recorded live at Happy, Wellington, New Zealand, February 2005.
Released on dark blue vinyl. A few copies on light blue vinyl. Also issued as special edition of 26 copies only with photo collage covers done by Mike Cooper (with insert), signed and numbered from A to Z.

Mike Cooper – lap steel guitar, electronics
Jeff Henderson- alto saxophone
Tom Callwood – bass
Anthony Donaldson – drums

Henderson Callwood Sanders
Beyond Reason (2002)

1. The Reason
2. Doubt
3. The Cause
4. Excuse
5. Beyond Reason

Jeff Henderson – alto saxophone
Tom Callwood – acoustic bass
Mark Sanders – drums

Little Bushman
Te Oranga (2011)

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1. Te Oranga
2. Gone
3. Gone Part II
4. Big Man
5. Dream Of The Astronaut Girl
6. Dream Of The Astronaut Girl Part II
7. Backbone
8. One Hand

Little Bushman
Live In Concert With The NZSO (2010)

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1. Where We Get Born
2. Jimi
3. Holy Ground
4. Drum Solo
5. Little Bird
6. Little Bird Reprise
7. Pendulum
8. War
9. Peaceful Man

Little Bushman
Pendulum (2007)

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1. Karanga
2. Nature Of Man
3. Corrupt Demeanour
4. Mary
5. The Seed
6. The Seed Pt. II
7. Holy Ground
8. Next Time
9. Pendulum
10. War
11. Peace
12. Peaceful Man

Additional musicians:
Toby Laing – flugel horn
Nick van Dyke – trombone
Jeff Henderson – baritone sax, shanta
Richard Nunns – taonga puoro
Lee Prebble – lap steel
Lisa Tomlins, Rachel France, Stephanie Hearfield and Gillian Moorman – vocals

Little Bushman
The Onus of Sand (2006)

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1. Introduction
2. Where We Get Born
3. Baby
4. Jimi
5. Onus
6. Little Bird
7. Little Bird (reprise)

Paddy Burgin and the Wooden Box Band
Gentle Landings (2011)

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1. Gentle Landings
2. Boulder Bank
3. Lover Don’t Leap
4. Cool Water
5. Veronica
6. Swift Current
7. Wandering John
8. Wood Girl
9. Sole Survivor
10. Aroha II
11. Sometimes

Paddy Burgin – guitars, vocals
Tom Callwood – double and electric bass
Joe Callwood – guitars
James Coyle – organ, Rhodes and antique electro piano
Bruce McNaught – cajon (wooden box) and other percussion
Holly Beals – backing vocals

Paddy Burgin and the Wooden Box Band
My Sweet Town (2009)

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1. The Garments Of The Underclass
2. Evelyn
3. Waikawa
4. Four Corners
5. Blackwood Bay
6. My Sweet Town
7. The 100 Steps To Your Heart
8. The Big Parade
9. Wigtoft
10. Wisdom
11. Prince Jagger
12. The Tidy Hands Of Time

Paddy Burgin – guitars, vocals
Tom Callwood- double bass
Justin Clarke – guitars, banjo
Bruce McNaught – cajon (wooden box) and other percussion

Bunnies On Ponies
Heat Death of the Universe (2014)

1. Castle Van Halen
2. Nothing
3. Straight Up Jerk
4. Destination Newtown Park Flats
5. Baked
6. Only Thing
7. Spectrum
8. Presence At The Mall
9. Bored Out Of My Brains
10. Safe In Sound

Bunnies On Ponies:
Samuel F. Scott – vocals, guitars, synthetic keyboards, clarinet
Tom Callwood – bass guitar, backing vocals
Craig Terris – backing vocals, drums, percussive instruments

Samuel Flynn Scott & the Bunnies on Ponies
Straight Answer Machine (2008)

1. Llewellyn
2. Sodium Ions
3. Raver On Probation
4. Leave Me Alone
5. Black Mark
6. Moist People
7. Union Man
8. All My Dreams
9. Catch Up For Coffee
10. Stolen Egypt
11. Your Own Head

The Bunnies On Ponies:
Craig Terris – drums, vocals
Tom Callwood – bass, vocals
Matt Armitage – piano, keys
Thomas Watson – trumpet

Samuel Flynn Scott
The Hunt Brings Us Life (2006)

1. War Over Water
2. The Hunt
3. Giving Up Is My New Morning Sun
4. Chopped Liver
5. Gods Legs
6. Boil My Bones
7. Everything Explodes
8. It’s A Fact
9. Thingy
10. Crooks (…and Mr Lady)
11. Waiting For What
12. 8.45
13. Walking Whale

Bunnies On Ponies:
Tom Callwood – double bass
David Long – banjo
Craig Terris – drums
Riki Gooch – drums
Mike Fabulous – drums

Additional musicians:
Luke Benge
Steve Roche
Toby Laing
Age Pryor


Little Bushman
Dream Of The Astronaut Girl (2011)

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1. Dream Of The Astronaut Girl




Black Minnaloushe
Vacant Lot (2013)

guest musician

Charlotte Yates
Archipelago (2013)

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double bass – Falling Down



Matt Langley
Virginia Avenue (2013)

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guest musician – bass guitar



Rueben Bradley
Resonator (2010)

Winner of the Tui Award for the Best NZ Jazz Album of 2010/2011

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Guest musician – arco bass



Eva Prowse
I Can’t Keep Secrets (2010)

Electric bass, Double bass

Wild Bill Ricketts
John Dryden (2009)

Cello – Jaw Bone, I Was You

Rebel Peasant
The Walls of the Well (2009)

Double bass, cello – Affair at Fabyan
Double bass – and the meek shall inherit what’s left

The Phoenix Foundation
Happy Ending (2007)

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Cello – A Day In The Sun



Luke Buda
Special Surprise (2005)

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The Dunstan Rangers
Unhugged (2006)

guest musician – electric and double bass




Charmaine Ford
Busy Silence (2007)

Winner of the Tui Award for “Best Jazz Album” 2007 – NZ Music Awards.

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Charmaine Ford – piano
Tom Callwood – bass
Reuben Bradley – drums
Johnny Lippiett – tenor sax

Chairmane Ford
Blues For Guppy (2004)

The 2004 Tui nominated album.

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Charmaine Ford – piano
Tom Callwood – bass
Mark Nelson – drums

Leila Adu
Cherry Pie (2005)

Leila Adu – vocals, piano, organ
David Long – guitar, banjo, lapsteel
Jeff Henderson – sax
Tom Callwood – bass
Rikki Gooch – drums

Leila Adu
Dig A Hole (2003)

Leila Adu — vocals, piano
Chris Palmer — guitar
Tom Callwood — double bass
Chris O’Connor — drums
Lucien Johnson — saxophone
Nick Van Dijk — tuba


Little Bushman – Mary
Directed by Mark Albiston

Samuel F. Scott & the B.O.P. – Raver on Probation (2008)
Directed by Nathan Hickey


Reece McNaughten, Tom Callwood, Adam Page – Wayne’s Thang – June 2012

Little Bushman at the Garden Club, Wellington – April 8, 2011

Little Bushman – LATE at the Museum, Auckland – June 3, 2010

Little Bushman – LATE at the Museum, Auckland – February 5, 2009

Little Bushman with the NZSO – Peaceful Man (2010)
filmed at the Wellington Town Hall on 23 October, 2009

Little Bushman with the NZSO – Where We Get Born (2010)

Little Bushman – Big Man, Red Bull Studio Live Sessions

Little Bushman live at The Metro Theatre, Sydney, Australia – October 25, 2008

Watch full concert

Paddy Burgin & The Woodenbox Band – Crete – May 2008

The Green Herring Trio – Charlie Parker: Mohawk – June 2008

Al Campbell (g), Tom Callwood (b) and Rick Cranson (d)- playing some very drunken jazz at a classic Bruce Ave party.

Samuel F. Scott & the B.O.P. – Raver On Probation, Backstage, Dunedin – July 20, 2008

Samuel F. Scott – Giving Up Is My New Morning Sun, Alt TV 2006

Charmaine Ford – Caffeine Deprived live at “Sandwiches” Bar in Wellington – December 2007


Radio NZ National: Jeffrey Henderson and Tom Callwood – April 22, 2010

Members of the Meloncholy Babes improvising jazz trio touring the South Island over the next month. Duration:  16′ 02″ 

The Gravy – Little Bushman and the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra
Documentary about preparations for the show at the Auckland Town Hall on July 13th 2008. part 1, 2, 3.

The Gravy – Little Bushman at Parihaka
Segment on Wellington band Little Bushman for NZ culture show The Gravy. part 1, 2.

Radio NZ National: Little Bushman – December 4, 2007

With Little Bushman, ex-Trinity roots man Warren Maxwell has indulged his passion for music of the late 60’s. Kirsten Johnstone headed out to the South Coast of Wellington for a guided tour of their album Pendulum by Maxwell, and the Callwood brothers Joe and Tom. Duration:  28′ 42″