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Warner Emery – electric guitar and bass player, the owner of a recording studio Emery Music Services. In 2004, Warner took Tim Hansen’s place as The Phoenix Foundation’s bassist and recorded with the band three albums: Pegasus, Happy Ending and Buffalo. He left TPF in 2010 to pursue his solo projects.

Emery released his first solo album The Tides in 2008 as The Friendly Barnacle. Two years later he released The Robot EP. The band consisted of Warner (vocals, guitar), Lee Prebble (guitar), Poppy SinclairLockhart (bass) and Sophie Burbery (vocals, keys, percussion).

Hot Swiss Mistress is a three-piece band Warner formed together with Ben King (drums), Rhys Telford (bass) in 2003. They have released two EPs, Keeping It Reel and The Falling Stars. They are recording new songs at their own custom-built studios in Wanganui and planning a vinyl release of The Falling Stars with 2 extra songs added.

Warner has also a solo act called Double Ya D. He has released one EP as the Man Witch.

He closely collaborates with Sophie Burbery/Little Bark and plays bass in her live band.


Double Ya D
Double Ya D (2012)

1. Make This a Time of Love
2. I Will Never be Your Slave
3. Build a Palace in an Iceberg
4. Come Out of Hiding
5. Wolf Fight Tonight
6. Lets Eat and then Lets Fight

The Friendly Barnacle
The Robot EP (2010)

1. I Bought You A Robot
2. Old And Forlorn

Lee Prebble – lead guitar
Warner Emery – songwriter, rhythm guitar, lead singer
Poppy SinclairLockhart – bass
Sophie Burbery – vocals, keyboards and percussion.

The Friendly Barnacle
The Tides (2008)

1. The Tides
2. No Excuse
3. Cold Breeze
4. Mortar and Brick
5. Turn Away
6. Nervous Rattle
7. Glorious Days
8. The Enticing Waves

Hot Sweet Mistress
The Falling Stars (2006)

1. Life Breeds Life
2. Let It Sink
3. The Foxtown Of NZ
4. Hail To The Fortune
5. Death Defying Leaps Of Intention
6. The Falling Stars

Warner Emery – guitar
Benjamin King – drums
Rhys Telford – bass


Hot Swiss Mistress
Keeping It Reel EP (2004)



Hot Swiss Mistress
Method of being a happy man (2013)

Hot Swiss Mistress
The Giants of Our Time (2012)

Hot Swiss Mistress
Towns for people (2012)


Rebel Peasant
The Walls of the Well (2009)

Bass – Inundare & The Moon, Little Swann


The Friendly Barnacle – The Tale of Boodle (2009)


Double Ya D – Let’s eat and let’s fight
directed by Melissa Donald


Radio NZ National: Introducing: Double Ya D – November 3, 2012
Double Ya D with the song ‘Wolf Fight Tonight’

Double Ya D – Making Love In A Shoe-Box House – 2009

Radio NZ National Music: The Friendly Barnacle in Session – June 14, 2008
Kirsten Johnstone of Music 101 talks and listens to Warner and Sophie – The Friendly Barnacle. The songs are: Mortar & Bricks, Nervous Rattle, and Cold Breeze. Duration:  11′ 02″

The Friendly Barnacle – Mortar & Brick and Bought You A Robot live Charlotte Ryan’s Morning Glory show on 95bFM – May 22, 2009