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Will Ricketts – percussionist and the youngest New Zealand citizen in The Phoenix Foundation, although he has played in the band since 2001. Will has released two solo albums: John Dryden and West Wind (and is recording No. 3) as Wild Bill Ricketts and one with Mike Fabulous (Lord Echo, The Black Seeds) Ricketts Meets Fabulous. His last EP was released worldwide on a Japanese label, Wonderful Noise in 2013.

Will shares his talents with not only one band (and its members’ solo albums), but he also plays in Lucien Johnson’s Shogun Orchestra, Joe Lindsay’s The Yoots, Weekend In France (Will, Riki Gooch, Chris Yeabsley), The Over Stayer which is a musical project spearheaded by Will and Mara TK (Electric Wire Hustle) and many more. He has recorded and performed live with numerous friends and great New Zealand musicians, like Connan Mockasin, Barnaby Weir (The Black Seeds), Julien Dyne (Opensouls, Lady6), Toby Laing (Fat Freddy’s Drop), Sam Lindsey, Dan and Chris Yeabsley just to name few.

Will has just done the music for Greg Wood’s short film, Helmet Makes a Quilt/Running Stitch.

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Wild Bill Ricketts
West Wind (2011)

1. Quail (Cyril’s Birthday Tune)
2. Hungry
3. Leap Frog
4. The Great Eastern
5. Loo Loo
6. Toast And Honey
7. Pelican
8. Run
9. West Wind
10. Stratosphere

Wild Bill Ricketts
Ricketts Meets Fabulous At Maitland Rd (2010)

Side A:
1 Loo Loo
2 Riki
3 Celebration Minstrels
Side B:
4 Hibbert
5 Parting Is (Such Sweet Sorrow)
6 Ghost Hands
7 Rhythm 77

Wild Bill Ricketts, Mike Fabulous, Mara TK, Toby Laing, Barnaby Weir, Rio Hemopo, Olga Gryniewicz, Paul Hoskin, Julien Dyne, Riki Gooch, Mike Jensen, Om’Mas Keith, Dan Yeabsley, Sage Kumaru, Connan Mockasin, Sam Lindsay, Tehi Mana, Ian Gordon, Todd Osborne, Chris Yeabsley, Lucien Johnson, Natalia Mann, Nick Van Dyke, Isaac Aseili

Wild Bill Ricketts:
Loo Loo: recorded, mixed and produced, soft e synth, vibraphone, and percussion
Riki: recorded, produced, percussion and vibraphone
Celebration Minstrels: recorded, produced, percussion and lyrics.
Hibbert: recorded, produced, percussion, vibraphone, RS09 and delayed bass
Parting Is (Such Sweet Sorrow): Vibraphone
Rhythm 77: congas
Loo Loo written by: Wild Bill Ricketts, Lucien Johnson and Mara TK.

Celebration Minstrels written by: Wild Bill Ricketts, Toby Laing, Joe Lindsay, Dan Yeabsley, Sam Lindsay, Ian Gordon, Craig Poll and Paul Hoskin.

Wild Bill Ricketts
John Dryden (2009)

1. Coconut Tree
2. New J
3. Siamese Dream
4. Jaw Bone
5. Mangi Mangi
6. Why Some Of Them
7. Shoe Gazers
8. I Was You
9. Copper Leaf

Additional musicians:
Mara TK – vocals
Connan Mockasin – vocals
Rio Hemopo – vocals
Ben Fulton – vocals
Riki Gooch – drums
Julien Dyne – drums
Dave Norris – drums
Joe Lindsey – horns
Toby Laing – horns
Mike Fabulous – help with the final mix

The Yoots
Sing Along With The Yoots (2011)

1. Nga Iwi E
2. E Papa Waiari
3. Pupu Ake Mai
4. E Te Ariki
5. Me He Manu Rere
6. Huai Huai
7. A.E.I.O.U.
8. Ka Ru Ka Ru
9. Hoki Mai

member of the Band

Shogun Orchestra
Shogun Orchestra (2010)

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1. Lovano
2. Bamako
3. Legba Nan Baye-A
4. Maman M’Voye Peze Café
5. Cigars of the Pharoah
6. Minis Azaka
7. Jacmel
8. Falko
9. Leogane
10. Fey-O

member of the Orchestra


Wild Bill Ricketts
West Wind (2013)

released worldwide on Wonderful Noise

side A
1. The Great Eastern
2. West Wind
side B
1. Riki
2. Mangi Mangi

Produced by William Ricketts
Mastered by Kelly Hibbert

Wild Bill Ricketts
Cyril’s Birthday Tune (2010)

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1. Cyril’s Birthday Tune



Will Bill Ricketts & Friends
Round at Bays (2008)

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1. Mangi Mangi
2. Why Some Of Them

Additional musicians:
Riki Gooch
Sam Lindsey
Joe Lindsey
Sage Kamaru
Toby Laing
Mike Fabulous
Dan Yeabsley
Mara TK

Shogun Orchestra
Sato San (2011)

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1. Sato San
2. Sword Of Doom


Samuel Scott and Luke Buda
Separation City (2009)

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Track list:

As Wild Bill Ricketts
9. Celebration Minstrels


Conrad Wedde
Space World (2014)

Cabby – percussion

Black Minnaloushe
Vacant Lot (2013)

guest musician

Craig Terris
Bleat Your Heart Out (2012)

Percussion: Ghost Of Our Neighbourhood, Nobody Can Tell
Percussion and claps with Craig: Oldest On, Ahead Of The Storm

Connan Mockasin
Forever Dolphin Love (2011)

European re-release of Connan Mockasin’s debut album Please Turn Me Into The Snat, including a bonus CD of live performances.

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Connan Mockasin
Please Turn Me Into The Snat (2010)

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Percussion: Megumi The Milkyway Above, Faking Jazz Together, Quadropuss Island, Forever Dolphin Love, Egon Hosford

Lord Echo
Melodies (2010)

Musicians: Toby Laing, Lisa Tomlins, Lucian Johnson, Jo Lindsay, William Ricketts, Daniel Yeabsley, Andrew Christiansen & Lord Echo.

Eru Dangerspiel
Great News For The Modern Man: Live At the Auckland Town Hall (2010)

Guest musician

Rebel Peasant
The Walls of the Well (2009)

Synth & blieps: Inundare & The Moon

T.C. Wedde
Bronze (2008)

Guest musician

Samuel F. Scott & The Bunnies On Ponies
Straight Answer Machine (2008)

Bongos: Moist People
Bells, wood block: Catch Up For A Coffee

Luke Buda
Vesuvius (2008)

Percussion: Crystal Ham, When You’re Broke, Electric Waterfall, My Imminent Demise, The Answer’s Always Yes, Weekend Dad

Luke Buda
Special Surprise (2005)

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Guest musician



Luke Buda
The C Sides (2002)

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Percussion: Seaside



Age Pryor
Shanks’ Pony (2007)

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Percussion: I Don’t Want, Shouldn’t I Know, Unhappy Son, Plastic Lady


Flavour Country (2006)

Guest musician – Percussion

Kezia Nell Hinchey
Kezia and The Seven Year Itch (2006)

available at SmokeCDs, Amazon and iTunes

Member of the recording band




Wild Bill Ricketts – Mangi Mangi
Directed by Jess Bluck – Revolver Films

The Yoots! – E Te Ariki
St Peter’s Village Hall, Paekakariki, NZ – December 7, 2012

Shot over the course of a day in Paekakariki, the band share a meal and connect with the local school through their music.


The Yoots – He Puru Taitama E
Neudorf Vineyards, NZ – October, 2012

The Yoots – Pokarekare Ana
Te Papa Museum, Wellington, NZ – June, 2012

Ricketts meets Fabulous live at The Dome
A private and exclusive show featuring: Will, Mike Fabulous, Mara TK, Riki Gooch, Joe Lindsay, Toby Laing, Lucien Johnson and Sam Lindsay
Napier, NZ – December 17, 2010

Why Some Of Them

Loo Loo



Mangi Mangi

Celebration Minstrels

Jaw Bone

Ghost Hands

That’s Right

Eru Dangerspiel – You Would Know Live at the Auckland Town Hall, 2010

Eru Dangerspiel – Sambaskool Dropout Live at the Auckland Town Hall, 2010


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