GUYD cover
Give Up Your Dreams (2015)

August 7, 2015

Track list

1. Mountain
2. Bob Lennon John Dylan
3. Playing Dead
4. Prawn
5. Jason
6. Celestial Bodies
7. Silent Orb
8. Sunbed
9. Give Up Your Dreams
10. Myth

Written and Performed by The Phoenix Foundation.
Holly Beals sings on Jason, Celestial Bodies, Sunbed and Myth.

Recorded by Brett Stanton & The Phoenix Foundation at The Car Club, Wellington, NZ
Mixed by Lee Prebble at Surgery Studios, Wellington, NZ, except Bob Lennon John Dylan, Mixed by David Fridmann, Tarbox Road Studios, Buffalo, NY, USA
Mastered by Don Bartley at Benchmark Mastering, NSW, Australia

Cover artwork by Rosie Scott with thanks to Tim Hillier for the sky photo
Design and layout Paul Johnson

Fandango (2013)

New Zealand and Australia – April 26, 2013

UK/Europe – April 29, 2013
US – May 14, 2013
(Memphis Industries)

Track list

Disk 1
1. Black Mould
2. Modern Rock
3. The Captain
4. Thames Soup
5. Evolution Did
6. Inside Me Dead
7. Corale

Disk 2
8. Supernatural
9. Walls
10. Morning Riff
11. Sideways Glance
12. Friendly Society

Produced by The Phoenix Foundation with Lee Prebble and Brett Stanton
Mixed by Lee Prebble

Recorded by Brett Stanton at The Surgery Studios, Wellington and Roundhead Studios, Auckland; Lee Prebble at a barn at Tarureka Estate, Featherston and The Surgery; The Phoenix Foundation at The Car Club, Wellington and The Party Room, Dunedin.

Additional engineering at Roundhead by Neil Baldock and Jason Huss
Guitar tech and production assistance: Oliver Labone

Design: Paul Johnson
Photo: Jacob Walker

Guest musicians:

Richie Singleton: drums – Modern Rock, The Captain, Inside Me Dead, Supernatural, Friendly Society; backing vocals – Corale, Friendly Society
James Milne: backing vocals – Evolution Did, Friendly Society
Neil Finn: backing vocals and toy piano – Friendly Society
Holly Beals: backing vocals – Thames Soup, Inside Me Dead, Morning Riff
Lucien Johnson: flute – Sideways Glance, Friendly Society
Lee Prebble: backing vocals – Corale, Friendly Society


The Line Of Best Fit – 8/10, April 18, 2013
The Guardian – 4/5, April 18, 2013
NME – 7/10, April 19, 2013
NZ Herald – 5/5, April 25, 2013
DIY – 7/10, April 26, 2013
The Independent – 2/5, April 26, 2013
The Times – 4/5, April 26, 2013
Radio NZ National – favourable – April 30, 2013

For blog updates on Fandango go here.

Buffalo (2010)

New Zealand – April 26, 2010
(EMI New Zealand Limited)

UK/Europe – January 24, 2011
North America and Australia – June 14, 2011
(Memphis Industries)

Track list

1. Eventually
2. Buffalo
3. Flock Of Hearts
4. Pot
5. Bitte Bitte
6. Skeleton
7. Orange & Mango
8. Bailey’s Beach
9. Wonton
10. Golden Ship

Produced by The Phoenix Foundation
Mixed by Lee Prebble

Recorded by The Phoenix Foundation, Brett Stanton and
Lee Prebble at The Surgery and Car Club studios.

Design: Paul Johnson
Imagery: Elias Robert Hakim

Guest musicians:

Connan Mockasin: autoharp – Eventually
James Milne: vocals – Pot, Golden Ship
Craig Terris: vocals – Wonton
Peter Daly: viola – Skeleton


Subba-Cultcha – 8/10
BBC – Favourable, January 24, 2011
Bowlegs – 7/10, January 19, 2011
Drowned In Sound – 7/10, January 11, 2011
Music OMH – 3.5/5, January 10, 2011
The Independent – 4/5, January 7, 2011
The Guardian – 5/5, January 6, 2011
The Dominion Post – 4.5/5, April 29, 2010
NZ Herald – 3/5, April 29, 2010
NZ Listener – Favourable – April 24, 2010

For blog updates on Buffalo go here

Happy Ending (2007)

buy on bandcamp

New Zealand – October 8, 2007
(Flying Nun Records)

UK – September 7, 2009
(Lovely Horse Records)

Track list:

1. Bright Grey
2. Bleaching Sun
3. Slumber Party
4. Gandalf
5. 40 Years
6. Irrelevant Noise
7. A Day In The Sun
8. Pure Joy
9. No One Will Believe Me When I’m Dead
10. Omerta
11. Burning Wreck
12. Sugar


Produced and Mixed by Lee Prebble
and The Phoenix Foundation

Artwork by Jacob Walker
Packaging and Design by Paul Johnson

Additional musicians:

Christian Biegai: Saxophone – No One Will Believe Me When I’m Dead
Thomas Callwood: Cello – A Day In The Sun
Age Pryor: Backing vocals – Slumber Party, Irrelevant Noise
Jeremy Taylor: Backing vocals – Slumber Party, Bright Grey, Bleaching Sun, Irrelevant Noise, Additional Engineering – Pure Joy
Lee Prebble: Lap steel – Irrelevant Noise, Backing vocals – Bleaching Sun
Sarah Lineham: Backing vocals – Omerta
Nic McGowan: Arp Odyssey – Gandalf


Subba-Cultcha – 8/10
The Independent – 5/5, November 27, 2009
Drowned In Sound – 8/10, September 11, 2009
Radio NZ National – Nick Bollinger – listen here

Pegasus (2005)

New Zealand – May 15, 2005
(Festival Mushroom Records)

Track list:

1. Morning Pages
2. All in an Afternoon
3. Hitchcock
4. The Posh Tiger
5. Through The Woods
6. Cars of Eden
7. Damn the River
8. Sea World
9. Slightest Shift in the Weather
10. Nest Egg
11. Twilight


Produced by Lee Prebble and The Phoenix Foundation

Recorded and Mixed by Lee Prebble

Artwork by Louise Clifton

Additional musicians:

Fritz Wollner: piano – Cars of Eden, Nest Egg
David Long: Banjo – Nest Egg, Theremin: Hitchcock, Sea World
John White: Electric violin – Twilight
Waddy Maunsell: Ibanez saxophone – Hitchcock
Francesca Mountfort: Cello and String arrangements – Twilight
Peter Daly: Viola – Nest Egg
Jeff Henderson: Baritone Saxophone – Cars of Eden
The Black Seeds: Hand claps – All in an Afternoon

For blog updates on Pegasus go here

Horsepower (2003)

New Zealand – August 19, 2003
(Capital Recordings)

Track list:

1. Sister Risk
2. Let Me Die A Woman
3. This Charming Van
4. The Swarm
5. St Kevin
6. Bruiser
7. Sally
8. Celebrate!
9. Going Fishing
10. Lambs
11. Wildlife
12. The Drinker (on the 2007 U.S. release)
13. Blue Summer (on the 2007 U.S. release)


Produced and mixed by Lee Prebble and The Phoenix Foundation.

Recorded by Lee Prebble at the Surgery, Wellington 2002, the year of the horse,
except “This Charming Van”, recorded by TPF at the ‘Church’ 2001.

Artwork by Luise Anna Clifton and Paul Richard Johnson

Additional musicians:

Nik McGowan: Moog – St Kevin, Arp – Celebrate!
Peter Daly: Viola – Celebrate!
Lee Prebble: Lap steel – Sally, BVs – Sally
John White: BVs – Sally
Henry Julian Whitaker Feltham: BVs – Sister Risk
Luke Benge: Hammond – This Charming Van


NZ Listener – August 2-8, 2003


Tom’s Lunch (2014)

New Zealand and Australia – May 16, 2014
(Native Tongue)

Track list:

1. Bob Lennon John Dylan
2. Fiscal Pickle
3. Real Pig
4. Asswipe
5. Race Day

Recorded by Brett Stanton at The Car Club, Wellington, NZ
1, 4: Mixed by Dave Fridmann at Tarbox Road Studios, Cassadaga, N.Y.
2, 3, 5: Mixed By Lee Prebble at Surgery Studios, Wellington, NZ
Mastered by Mike Gibson at Bonfire Audio, Wellington, NZ

Artwork by Anns Taylor and Lukasz Buda

For blog updates on Tom’s Lunch go here

Presents – A Very Dystopian Christmas! (2011)

1. Everybody’s Money
2. Hitchcock
3. Let Me Die A Woman
4. Wonton
5. St Kevin
6. Gandalf
7. The Swarm (Live)
8. Tony Virus

A few years ago our Merry Kriskmass EP introduced a strange white reindeer called The Krisk. Well, he’s back….. but this time with
a Free Christmas Download Offer!

We’ve put together a special 8-track EP which features tracks from all four of our albums, plus some other goodies.

Showing the dreamier side of the band, this sampler is a mystical distraction from the crushing reality of yuletide consumption. It’s also a great introduction to our catalogue, and a great way to share our music for free! Offer Ends 31/12/11.

Enjoy! TPF

The Do Son EP (2011)

The extended bonus EP available on iTunes with Buffalo Deluxe Version

UK/Europe – May 29, 2011
(Memphis Industries)

Track list

1. Bright Grey
2. This Charming Van
3. Middle Dream
4. Stoned Haircut #1
5. Sinking Wreck
6. Send Me Off to War

The Do Son EP (2010)
non-album b.side bonus tracks from the Buffalo sessions

Track list

1. Middle Dream
2. Dickheads Abound

The amazing EP artwork was made by Samuel when he went soft in the brain Chatrouletting dressed as a Buffalo.

The EP is available only as a digital download together with a digital version of Buffalo.

Merry Kriskmass (2009)

New Zealand – December 7, 2009

Track list:

1. The Krisk
2. Everybody’s Money
3. Forget It
4. Party Below
5. Wrestling With Demons
6. The Man Next Door

Yes, a small stuffed white man and a reindeer somehow managed to inspire this fun, slightly odd 6-track EP which entered our lives during the time we were supposed to be recording Buffalo. We hope you enjoy.

China Cove (2001)

inquire at Slow Boat Records

Track list:

1. Loaf
2. Buenos Dias
3. Haute Cuisine
4. Aurianus (the Opusanus)
5. Healing Hands

Additional musicians:

Gretchen Peterson: Flugelhorn – Healing Hands


Trans Fatty Acid (2015)

Give Up Your Dreams outtake. The track was available on the cassette.

A Can of Moles (2015)

Record Store Day – April 18, 2015
Limited Edition 7” Vinyl
(Jealous Butcher Records)

Track list:

1. The Phoenix Foundation – I want more (Can)
2. Eyelids – Bury me happy (The Moles)

Big Mac (Rune Rate) (2015)

TPF’s tribute to the Black Caps.

read more about this track


Dalston Junction (2014)

available on NZ iTunes and Amplifier

TPF’s contribution to Beck’s New NZ Music compilation in celebration of New Zealand Music Month.

Bob Lennon John Dylan (2014)

Record Store Day – April 19, 2014
Limited Edition 7” Vinyl, 500 copies worldwide
(Native Tongue)

Track list:

1. Bob Lennon John Dylan
2. Asswipe

Recorded by Brett Stanton at The Car Club, Wellington, NZ
Mixed By Dave Friddman at Tarbox Road Studio, Buffalo NYC

For blog updates on Bob Lennon John Dylan go here


Boy (2010)

buy downloads at Amplifier

Track list:

1. Hine e Hine
3. Flock Of Hearts
5. Time For Presents
7. Stoned Haircut # 1
10. Forget It
12. Waihau Bay
16. Leaf Dies/ Nan Comes Home
18. Here We Are/Rocky Heals Alamein


Written and Directed by Taika Waititi
Starring: James Rolleston, Taika Waititi, Te Aho Eketone-Whitu

More about Boy:

Eagle vs Shark (2007)

available on iTunes US only

Track list:

2. I Love You, Awesome – The Phoenix Foundation
3. Blue Summer – The Phoenix Foundation
4. Cosmic Danse – Luke Buda
8. Hitchcock – The Phoenix Foundation
10. Hill 1 – The Phoenix Foundation
11. Sea World – The Phoenix Foundation
12. Seaside – Luke Buda
14. The Breakup / The Hill 2 – The Phoenix Foundation
18. The Hill 3 – The Phoenix Foundation
19. Brain (live at Helens) – The Phoenix Foundation
20. Wholly Molly – The Phoenix Foundation
21. Apples and Tangerines – The Phoenix Foundation
25. Going Fishing – The Phoenix Foundation



Written and Directed by Taika Waititi
Starring: Loren Horsley and Jemaine Clement

“Going Fishing” video used to promote the film in the US

Eagle vs Shark on:


Red Bull Studio – Live Sessions (2007)


1. Gandalf
2. Bleaching Sun
3. Pure Joy
4. Bright Grey

> Red Bull Studio



Songs for Blake
Embracing Autism

The Phoenix Foundation – Wave Machine

Charity compilation. More about this double album.


Starship Foundation
The Christmas Album 2013

The Phoenix Foundation – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Charity compilation. More about the album.

Reason To Believe: The Songs of Tim Hardin (2013)

The Phoenix Foundation – Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

Tim Hardin tribute album from Full Time Hobby.


The Independent – 4/5, January 25, 2013
BBC – January 31, 2013

> news on TWB

Rumours Revisited (2013)

The Phoenix Foundation – Don’t Stop

Mojo Magazine’s Free cover CD

Issue No. 230 (January 2013)
An eclectic array of contemporary artists re-imagine Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 classic including Mary Epworth, The Staves, Julia Holter and Slaraffenland.

Peace (2010)

The Phoenix Foundation – Sinking Wreck

PEACE, the music atlas project by Buffetlibre & Amnesty International

Cruel Black Dove, amongst many others artists from over 50 countries, join the new project by Barcelona djs Buffetlibre. All proceeds from the sale of the compilation will go to Amnesty International’s humanitarian aid projects in areas of conflict. […]

PEACE will be digitally available worldwide in March 1, 2010, by making a minimum donation to Amnesty International though a special website. All donations will go to Amnesty International’s humanitarian aid projects in areas of conflict.

more about this compilation here

Sounds Like Newtown (2009)

The Phoenix Foundation – Send Me Off To War
(a Happy Ending outtake)

The kaupapa of this CD is to celebrate 100% and to contribute 100%. Newtown recording artists contribute 100%, local business are sponsoring the printing and publishing, and 100% of CD sale price goes to Newtown School and The Newtown Festival.

This initiative is supported by small Newtown businesses Duncan & Prudence, Peoples Coffee, Juniper, Amstore, Red Design, Baobab, Fotobooth, Little Brother along with great help from Radio Active and 0800 Phantom and Brianne Kerr Publicity and Newtown Designer Leon Mackie, who has made it look all spanky.

Sounds Like Newtown is only available in Newtown. At stores Duncan & Prudence and Peoples Coffee and Baobab Cafe. $30. The perfect Christmas gift. Limited to 200 copies, so be quick.

more about this compilation here