VNZMA, Vector Arena, Auckland – November 21, 2013

credit: TPF, Dean Purcell, VNZMA

Vodafone NZ Music Technical Awards, Pullman Hotel, Auckland – October 22, 2013

credit: @KeepingUpWithNZ, VNZMA

APRA Silver Scroll Awards, Vector Arena, Auckland – October 15, 2013

credit: Fiona Goodall/Getty Images

Like Minds – A Concert For Mental Health Awareness

Bodega, Wellington, NZ – October 12, 2013
credit: Allexander Hallag / Shh, The Music Is Talking

credit: Soul Photography

Soundcheck, photo by Aaron Tokona

Radio Active FM – October 10, 2013

photo by Ollie Labone

Rehearsal, Car Club, Wellington – October 8, 2013
credit: Ollie Labone

Radio NZ National’s Afternoons with Jim Mora – September 27, 2013

photo by Ollie Labone

Promo photoshoot

photos by Penny Pender

Nelson Arts Festival, Nelson, NZ – October 11, 2013

credit: Ollie Labone

credit: Jimmy Jay Wright

James Cabaret, Wellington, NZ – July 27, 2013

credit: Rex Royale, Tony Hitch, Garage Project, Mark Field, Daniel Hodson, Colin Ellis, Mike Heydon

Shooting a music video for Evolution Did, Wellington – July 25, 2013

credit: Simon Ward, Fiona Sole, Joe Hitchcock

Chicks Hotel, Dunedin, NZ – July 21, 2013

credit: Nick Phillips

credit: Grace Pennell, Jess Drysdale

The Powerstation, Auckland, NZ – July 12, 2013

credit: Danielle Bolton for

credit: Fraser Chatham for

NetHui 2013 conference, Sam as one of the panelists at the Music and the Internet session, Wellington Town Hall – July 9, 2013

credit: Andrew Burns

NZ Herald Online: NZ Music Month daily concerts, York Street Studios, Auckland, NZ – May 31, 2013 (recorded in March)

photos: Ted Baghurst

Les Nuits, Botanique, Brussels, BE – May 26, 2013

credit: Romain Ballez

London Calling Festival, Amsterdam, NE – May 25, 2013

credit: Musicspotter

Live on ByteFM, Hamburg, DE – May 22, 2013

credit: ByteFM

Prinzenbar, Hamburg, DE – May 21, 2013

credit: Arne

Temple, The Institute, Birmingham, UK – May 17, 2013

credit: Andy Tommo, Steve B Smith

Thekla, Bristol, UK – May 16, 2013

credit: abifrancesca, Dynamobang, Lorimacsmif, Holly Maguire, Mike Cannings

Rough Trade East in-store show, London, UK – May 15, 2013

credit: Derek Pringle

Electric Ballroom, London, UK – May 14, 2013

credit: Matt Smith, crunchtime, instantfantasy, specialkpix, Anthony Limbrick, Espresso Corp, Emma Jane, James Moran

Audio, Brighton, UK – May 13, 2013

credit: Justin C, Doug Clemmans, emmathehatter

Kazimier, Liverpool, UK – May 11, 2013

credit: AMP

credit: Aaron McDonald, Leona Roper, Michelle White, Lewis, Michael Dam

Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK – May 10, 2013

credit: Adam Gorman, Nigel Cotton, Chloe McCarrick, twistoteck

Oran Mor, Glasgow, UK – May 9, 2013

credit: Kenny Munro, Will Algie

The Golden Dawn, Auckland, NZ – May 5, 2013

photos by Georgia Schofield for

photo by Nicole Thomson, E Taylor

Slow Boat Records, Wellington, NZ – May 3, 2013

credit: LoFi Sheriff, David Williams, Todd XCX, Brookie and Thom Blakely

Samuel F. Scott & Bunnies On Ponies at Puppies, Wellington, NZ – March 30, 2013

credit: Fantale

NZ On Air showcase at Backbeat, Auckland, NZ – March 27, 2013

credit: Backbeat, k_one_, NZ On Air Music

The Big Day Dowse, Lower Hutt, NZ – March 24, 2013

credit: Mark Tantrum, Jay Hutchinson

Playspace Society Variety Show, St James Church in Newtown, Wellington – February 27, 2013
credit: Ross Giblin/Fairfax NZ, @Pipssqueaks, @DrSeaRotmann

credit: The Amazing Travelling Photobooth

Music At Matua, Auckland – February 9, 2013

credit: Funky Pancake

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Silo Park, Auckland – January 28, 2013

credit: Sandra Mu/Getty Images

credit: Georgia Shofield for Cheese On Toast

credit: Amanda Ratcliffe

credit: Jackson Perry, Jonathan Ganley, Laneway NZ Festival, Kaan Hiini, Aidan W, Michael Bodle, Gowan James Ditchburn , Simon Bennett

credit: Ollie Labone

New Album Fandango preview show at Puppies, Wellington – January 25, 2013

photos by Kathleen Winter for Neon Sleep

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