Official tour and music videos. And documentaries.

TPF mini documentary played on 4 Music’s 4Play series (2011)

‘Life on tour. This is reality.’ videos:

UK/Europe May-July 2011. Part 1.

‘Share the Rainbow’ UK/Europe January-February 2011. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Origami Buffalo

Luke Buda takes you step by step through the process of creating your very own origami buffalo



Directed by Puck Murphy

Give Up Your Dreams
Written and Directed by Loren Taylor
Featuring Bret McKenzie

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Directed by Sam Kristofski


Bob Lennon John Dylan
Directed by Puck and Paul

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Evolution Did
Directed by Simon Ward
Starring: Darwin (Samuel Scott), Galileo (Lukasz Buda), Newton (Will Ricketts), Da Vinci (Chris O’Connor), Tesla (Tom Callwood) and Einstein (Conrad Wedde) and special guest Don Brooker as ‘The Hand’.

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Thames Soup
Directed by Luke Savage
Featuring Jim Tavare

Somehow fittingly, Tavare is a cousin of English cricketer Chris Tavare, known for his ‘leisurely batting style’.

It was shot at Bombay Beach, the LA River and Sunken City, California.

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The Captain
Directed by Luke Savage

Locations include Los Angeles’ Koreatown, The Walt Disney Concert Hall, Salvation Mountain, the Salton Sea and Joshua Tree National Park.

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BUFFALO (2010)

Directed and Edited by Nathan Hickey
Featuring Daniel Harris and Rosie Herdman.
Nominated for Best Music Video at the 2010 Vodafone NZ Music Awards

The video was filmed around the South Coast of Wellington, and the trees of the town Belt.

Photos from the video shoot here

Directed by Reuben Sutherland

Flock of Hearts
Directed by Sarah Jane Parton

Orange and Mango
Directed by Bradley Rogerson
Illustration by Bradley Rogerson, Greg Hodgson

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Bright Grey
Directed by Taika Waititi

Bleaching Sun
Directed by Luke Savage and Puck Murphy

‘Bleaching Sun’ is the second single off the acclaimed album ‘Happy Ending’. The Phoenix Foundation shot this video in between their show at the Auckland Zoo and touring with Split Enz.Featuring cameos from Lou Vincent and Dion Nash and shot at the legendary Cornwell Park Cricket club (home club to Greatbatch and Crowe).This film was shot on Redd digital cameras and post production was handled by the team at Perceptual Engineering.

40 Years
Directed by Taika Waititi

> How the BAXI was used in the filming of the video.
> Where the video was filmed.

PEGASUS (2005)

All in an Afternoon
Directed by Luke Savage
Flame: Puck Murphy

Directed by Reuben Sutherland

This was filmed mostly in Wellington over the Christmas period by London-based New Zealand director Rueben Sutherland.The clip features the new gravity-defying Electric Petrol Car being put through its paces in an instructional video (produced by a mysterious crowd called the Petrol Crime Bureau). This clip should be of some concern to 4×4 drivers out there who snarl up the motorways of the world…

Damn the River
Directed by Luke Savage

The video was filmed in Auckland in April and features a time lapse of an old, cloud-gazing man who lies back and lets the world pass him by, amongst the chaos of man-made urban motorways and constructions sites.

Slightest Shift In the Weather
Directed by Luke Savage and Puck Murphy


This Charming Van
Directed by Luke Savage

The band’s first music video.

Let Me Die A Woman
Directed by Richard Bell
Winner of the ‘Knack Award’ at the 2003 NZ Kodak Music Clip Awards

This is one of earliest videos and still one of our favourites.

Directed on the second smallest budget we have ever had (the smallest was for This Charming Van) I think Richard really pulled it out of the bag for us on this one. We made two great vids with Mr Bell, the other was Going Fishing, which once edited with scenes from Eagle Vs Shark and used to promote the film in the states has had a great deal of views on the old boob tube. Unfortunately I can’t find the original online. We were a bit useless with the online stuff back in old 2004 – It’s hard to imagine not loading a video straight to YT now, but I guess things have changed somewhat!


Going Fishing
Directed by Richard Bell
Winner of the ‘Knack Award’ at the 2004 NZ Kodak Music Clip Awards

It was directed by Richard Bell, and shot at Lake Coleridge just outside Christchurch in late summer 2004.

St Kevin
Directed and Animated by Paul Herschell